Magento e-commerce themes

We were checking out ecommerce themes for a customer who is looking to turn a profit from a website. They basically have product view and are looking for online web sales. We found a company called They have a platform called the Magento Themes they currently lead this market and focus on high quality designs. We immediately liked the quality of their themes and website. As we search what seemed like countless themes we found three we really liked and will bring to the vendor. The first that jumped out was the D-Urban WearTheme because it was specific to what the vendor is trying to sell. The theme is simple and easy to use so we knew it was going to be a favorite for our customer. The clothing store theme was another big hit we think as it is a little more complex so you can have multiple promotions. There was a Jewelry Store theme that was very elegant and with a little work could be a really good fit. We find the designs are of highest quality and anticipate no problems with their easy-to-use applications. They will provide user-friendly instructions to help integrate in no time.

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