Republicans climbing from the wreckage

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) reported the results of the first Republican straw poll of the 2012 campaign. The winner was former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney with an accumulation of twenty percent of the vote. There are a couple of things of note here. Starting at the top Mitt Romney stepped a side and let McCain run for President. A tradition the Republican Party has had that when it is your turn others step aside. This has been done by Regan, Dole and McCain. The Second Place finish with 14% was Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who could not have done a worse job as the rebuttal to President Obama’s speech on Tuesday. Old friend and media punching bag Alaska Governor Sarah Palin garnished 13 percent of the vote. Florida Governor Charlie Crist only received one percent. Crist, had taken a strong role in supporting President Barack Obama’s stimulus package as one of only three Republicans to do so.

NCAA March Madness 18 days
Countdown to Spring 19 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 35 days
NBA Playoffs 48 days
Days until 2010 – 305 days

National Debt 2/26/1999    5,620,928,184,943.17
National Debt 2/26/2009    10,881,159,722,022.36

Sick of this life
Not that you’d care
I’m not the only one with
whom these feelings I share
W. Axl Rose Dead Horse (1991)

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