President Barack Obama World Tour 2009

President Barack Obama leaves Tuesday on his first overseas trip as president. First up is London for a summit of the G-20 that will focus on the global economic crisis. He has meeting set up with many world leaders, including the British and Indian prime ministers, the presidents of China and Russia, and the king of Saudi Arabia. Then it is off to France and a meeting with President Nicolas Sarkozy. Then the president go back to Germany has a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel and participate in a NATO working group. Then it is off to Prague for an EU summit. There he will meet with Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus, former Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, and former Czech President Vaclav Havel. Next up is Ankara, Turkey, for meetings with President Abdullah Gul. This is a very adventurous trip with many meet and greets. This will be his first tour of Europe as president during the campaign at a rally in Germany back in August of 2008. There were 200,000 people in Berlin that day and it is when the title rock star was officially given to President Obama. It will be interesting to see the return trip and if the shine still glitters or there is a dullness based on performance.

MLB Baseball Opening Day 4 days
NBA Playoffs 17 days
NFL Draft 24 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 85 days
Days until 2010 – 277 days
Day Until A New President 1391 days

National Debt 3/27/1999   5,646,620,374,086.62
National Debt 3/27/2009   11,045,554,110,788.92

Livin’ like this never ever
Tore my life apart
I know how to maintain
And you know I know my part
W. Axl Rose Reckless Life (1988)

Vanessa Hudgens adorable efflorescence


This week we highlight last years #15, the twenty-year-old Vanessa Anne Hudgens. She was born December 14, 1988 in Salinas, California. She has performed musical theatre since the age of eight. In 2004 she was in the movie Thirteen, this was her first movie role; she was also in Thunderbirds the same year. She has worked for Disney for the last five years having guest spots on different TV episodes. In 2006, she released her first music release, V that has been a certified gold record, 2008 she had her second release of the album Identified. We would not know her if it was not for High School Musical, she was in all three movies. Next up for Vanessa is the movie Bandslam in theatres on July 31, 2009. She is also in pre-production on a movie called Sucker Punch slated to release in 2010. There have been nude pictures of her that surfaced on the Internet; she paid a heavy price for those in respect and her pocketbook. She was only given two million dollar contract for HSM3, while co-star and on screen off screen boyfriend Zac Efron made three. This of course only makes her a better person in the eyes of the Tea512. Vanessa has won many awards for her work on HSM, including over the weekend when she won the Favorite Actress at the Kids Choice Awards. Vanessa is an extremely beautiful and talented girl. She is only twenty years old so her best work is ahead of her. She already has a great look, sense of style and hot body, which makes her someone in Hollywood to keep an eye on. We have no problem with that, as the next ten years are there are only good things going to happen for her.


MLB Baseball Opening Day 5 days
NBA Playoffs 18 days
NFL Draft 25 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 86 days
Days until 2010 – 278 days
Day Until A New President 1392 days

Here I am
And you’re a Rocket Queen
I might be a little young
But honey I ain’t naive
W. Axl Rose Rocket Queen (1987)

Kids Choice – Not Chris Brown

There was talk that Chris Brown was going to make an appearance at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. He thought wiser or his people did and he was a no show. Saturday night if you watched the show you would have noticed that they never showed the category. The winner was Jesse McCartney. JesseMac was in two skits with host the Rock but it was never revealed that Jessie Mac won the best male singer award. There a few categories that did not make the telecast, but if you check the website every category has four nominees except Favorite Song and Favorite Male Singer only have three nominees as Chris Brown is out of site and as far as Nickelodeon is concerned out of mind. You can say the way they handled the issue was to hide, but when you take into account the audience and the ease in which it was glossed over they did the right thing. The big loser was Jesse McCartney and Beyonce who did win Favorite Song, were not given the orange blimp on stage, but smarter heads prevailed. These kids are not living under a rock and we believe if you asked the audience they would know what is what on the Chris Brown and Rihanna case. They did not have to worry this night as Kids Choice was all about the fun the producers kept it that way.

MLB Baseball Opening Day 6 days
NBA Playoffs 19 days
NFL Draft 26 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 87 days
Days until 2010 – 279 days
Day Until A New President 1393 days

National Debt 3/26/1999 5,646,620,374,086.62
National Debt 3/26/2009 11,046,247,657,049.48

My way-your way
Anything goes tonight
My way-your way
Anything goes
W. Axl Rose Anything Goes (1987)

Ghost Writers in Twitter

Careful who you follow as it could just be a hired gun to type 140 characters to fans and not the person themselves at all. 50 Cent is among the twitter users to use surrogate tweets, Chris Romero, known as Broadway, who sent the words across the wire. Next up is Britney Spears who recently advertised for someone to create content for Twitter and Facebook. If you have seen any of the tweets from Britney they were more publicity than personal thought. Recent photos of her bowling with dancers, and who is in the audience at her shows. Kayne West admitted he hires two people to keep update what he called his web presence. In the political arena the biggest Twitter President Barack Obama and Ron Paul both admit to a social networking team. The flip side is athletes Lance Armstrong Shaquille O’Neil and Charlie Villanueva all have personal tweets from their perspective game sides. One of the king of technology media is Guy Kawasaki uses two employees to keep his 95, 705 followers up to date on everything The question is are we seeing a trend and is it needed? The next question is the name of a person a brand? The fact that you are a follower does that mean you deserve instant real communication?

MLB Baseball Opening Day 7 days
NBA Playoffs 20 days
NFL Draft 27 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 88 days
Days until 2010 – 280 days
Day Until A New President 1394 days

National Debt 3/26/1999 5,646,620,374,086.62
National Debt 3/26/2009 11,046,247,657,049.48

Because you don’t want my love, no, no
You wanna sati-satisfaction
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, ow!
W. Axl Rose Your Crazy (1987)

April Fools Day Conficker Worm

The Conficker computer worm, which has infected at least 3 million computers, is set to explode. Symantec claims they do not know the purpose of the Conficker worm. Today the worm has created an infrastructure that the creators of the worm can use to remotely install software on infected machines. Most likely the worm will be used to create a botnet that will be rented out to criminals who want to send SPAM, steal IDs and direct users to online scams and phishing sites. The threat is elevated as they believe it will ramp on April Fools’ Day. That will be when machines will get more aggressive. The program will start to send spam, spread more infections, clog networks with traffic, or try and bring down Web sites. People are bracing for anything from massive network outages to the creation of a cyber weapon of mass destruction that attacks government computers. In 2003 the Slammer worm saturated the Internet’s data pipelines with so much traffic it crippled corporate and government systems, including ATM networks and 911 centers. What is known is Conficker-infected machines have been trying to connect each day to 250 Internet domains. Some speculate April 1, the Conficker-infected machines will generate a list of 50,000 new domains a day that they could try, and then randomly select 500 for the machines to actually query.

MLB Baseball Opening Day 8 days
NBA Playoffs 21 days
NFL Draft 28 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 89 days
Days until 2010 – 281 days
Day Until A New President 1395 days

National Debt 3/26/1999    5,646,620,374,086.62
National Debt 3/26/2009   11,046,247,657,049.48

She’s got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain
W. Axl Rose Sweet Child O Mine (1987)

Strip Search Goes to Supreme Court

A case rose up through the court system from Safford, Arizona all the way to the Supreme Court. The plaintiff, Savana Redding will be 19 when it gets to the Supreme Court on April 21. She was wearing black stretch pants with butterfly patches and a pink T-shirt on the day school officials had strip-searched the eighth grade student. The Assistant principal Kerry Wilson, was enforcing the school’s anti-drug policies, they suspected her of having brought prescription strength ibuprofen pills to school. She was searched by two female school employees, Peggy Schwallier, the school nurse, and Helen Romero, a secretary. They forced her to strip to her underwear, pull out her bra and move it from side to side, then open her legs and pull out her underwear. The honors student, Savana Redding had no pills. Today she has an infuriated mother and a lawyer, Adam B. Wolf from the ACLU. The case will require the justices to consider how much flexibility school officials should have in policing zero-tolerance policies for drugs and violence, and the court is likely to provide important guidance to schools around the nation. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, ruled that school officials had violated the Fourth Amendment’s ban on unreasonable searches. This is just amazing that adults can think strip searching a 13 year old to find a couple of pills, where did they really think she put them.

The Electronic President Obama

President Barack Obama will take more questions today. He will be in the same room as Tuesday except it will not be the press core. This time the questions will be submitted via the Internet and in person, as part of a political strategy to engage Americans directly. By 7 a.m. Thursday, the White House Web site had already logged more than 77,000 questions. President Obama will go down in history as the first wired President as he built a grass roots movement that raised unheard-of money over the campaign season. He is using the same online network to speak unfiltered to the country. There has been worry American will be Obama’d out. After Leno, 60 minutes, town halls and then the Tuesday second in six-week press conference. He is the best option right now and at this time they need to play for their strengths. Right now, President Obama is a star and he is playing that card. Some circles want him to back off the throttle on the public engagements and keep it to when there is success to report so it does not sound like he is saying the same things over and over with very little changing. This not free wheeling the questions is to be in the realms of energy, health care, and education. The questions will be from the Web site, YouTube and an audience of about 100 people representing teachers, nurses, and small-business employees.

MLB Baseball Opening Day 9 days
NBA Playoffs 22 days
NFL Draft 29 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 90 days
Days until 2010 – 282 days
Day Until A New President 1396 days

National Debt 3/23/1999 5,645,338,661,953.64
National Debt 3/24/2009 11,046,928,257,010.20

She used to love her heroine
But now she’s underground
So you stay out late at night
And you do your coke for free
Drivin’ your friends crazy
With your life’s insanity
W. Axl Rose My Michelle (1987)

President Obama Prime Time Again

President Barack Obama’s second national press conference in six weeks was more of the same. You understand, plenty of references to he inherited a mess, he is being more transparent, and he has a plan. The truth is in the details which are always vague and one sided to match his own needs. To use the reference that a bus drivers donation and a Presidents donation are the same, to say that a person who makes 50k should have the same tax break as someone who makes a 250k sounds good on television, but this facts are glossed over. The person making 250k is likely to donate five times what a 50k person does; this is the reason for the tax break. Many times, he did this and it is nothing new. We want have you focused on this; he only let one newspaper reporter ask a question, Jon Ward of the Washington Times. When do you ever remember a question being asked by an Ebony Magazine reporter? Did you ever think a website dot com would be able to ask as many questions as major newspapers? The score there was one to one as was allowed to ask a question. The hardest question of the night was from CNN reporter Ed Henry of all people, kudos to him. We do not know how the gang back in Atlanta will perceive this but he was the only stand out in a night of scripted questions and answers. Our final comment was, when the conference was over he said All right Thank you everybody and walked away, there was no God Bless America.

MLB Baseball Opening Day 10 days
NBA Playoffs 23 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut
Days until 2010 – 283 days

National Debt 3/23/1999 5,645,199,129,224.03
National Debt 3/23/2009 11,041,711,544,305.34

Say baby you been lookin’ real good
You know that I remember when we met
Its funny how I never felt so good
It’s a feelin’ that I know
I know I’ll never forget
W. Axl Rose Think About You (1987)

“theconnor” – New Rules

There are lesson in this life that stick by you. There is an old saying that goes around the backrooms of the Massachusetts Statehouse, it was coined as bagmen, and backdoor deals were set in motion. The sage advice is “Do not write it, if you can say it, do not say it if you can nod it, do not nod it if you can wink it.” This is great advice in all walks of life. It was first thought we had when we first heard of “theconnor” tweet on tweeter. After getting a job at Cisco he put up a Tweet about it, which read:

“Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh the utility of a fatty paycheck against the daily commute to San Jose and hating the work.”

There are people well paid at Cisco that worry about company branding and their presence on the Internet, is it no wonder this was flagged pretty quick over there. The Internet community is rough when it wants to be. The man tried to hide he set his Twitter account to private and deleted all information from a home page. The news was out and there was red meat to be had. Within the next six hours, his identity was found out, a YouTube video made, and a domain purchased. The web page was recovered through Google Cache. This is not the first and it will not be last so member next time “theconnor” just wink it, and take the fatty paycheck on the bright side he does not have to worry about the lousy commute.

MLB Baseball Opening Day 11 days
NBA Playoffs 24 days
NFL Draft 31 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 92 days
Days until 2010 – 284 days

National Debt 3/20/1999 5,640,185,158,295.15
National Debt 3/20/2009 11,040,807,027,558.10

I’m your charity case
So by me somethin’ to eat
I’ll pay you at another time
Take it to the end of the line
W. Axl Rose Paradise City (1987)

Sophie Monk blistering libertine


This week we highlight last years number 24 on the top 51. Sophie Charlene Akland Monk who was born December 14 1979 in England, but her parents moved to Australia’s Gold Coast, Queensland. At the age of 20, she auditioned for Popstars looking for girls with vocal and dance experience to create a new girl group. Sophie was selected as a member of the group, which was named Bardot. After being quite successful with awards, sales, and on the charts after the second national tour the group disbanded. In 2003, she released a solo album, Calendar Girl. There was no heat for the disc and she turned to acting. We first seen here in the movie Click as David Hasselhoff’s secretary. There is a crazy sex scene with her and Vincent Chase in Entourage that peeked our attention as well. She is set to release Spring Breakdown, which is billed as her biggest role to date. She will also be on the big screen in 2009 with Spring Break ’83, Hard Breakers, The Hills Run Red, and The Legend of Awesomest Maximus. This should be a big year for her and we expect to see more as the premieres of the movies occur. She is a smoking hot number that has been on Maxin, FHM and every other cover in between. She is both talented and beautiful so it is an easy choice for this week and we think she will be higher than 24 when the end of the year rolls around.

MLB Baseball Opening Day 12 days
NBA Playoffs 25 days
NFL Draft 32 days
Transformers 2 Movie Debut 93 days
Days until 2010 – 285 days

National Debt 3/19/1999   5,640,185,158,295.15
National Debt 3/19/2009   11,039,686,130,898.10

We been dancin’ with Mr. Brownstone
He’s been knockin’
He won’t leave me alone
No, no ,no, he won’t leave me alone
W. Axl Rose Mr Brownstone (1987)