FaceBook About Face TOS

FaceBook turned an about face this week on the issue of their TOS. The scream from the online protest was so loud they needed to halt the action and reverse to old TOS. The next step for the mega social networking site is to figure how best to determine who controls the information shared on the social networking site. The press release jumped the sites user community up to an outstanding 175 million users from around the world. The best part was a group was formed on FaceBook to protest which quickly has ten of thousands of members. FaceBook created a group that was called FaceBook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, the idea was to let users give input on the new FaceBook TOS. This was just bad public relations as at a bad time as FaceBook is looking to convert users to cash. The company has not had a flux of money since the Microsoft buy in. The strength in their sales pitch is the 175 million members that are constantly checking and updating their status and to have a dip in that number over this issue at this time could have been catastrophic.

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National Debt 2/18/1999 5,613,957,968,591.41
National Debt 2/18/2009 10,789,925,775,196.76

I used to be wasted
Always tried to take it
Take it down into my vein
W. Axl Rose Bad Obsession (1991)

President Obama sends troops to war

In case you missed it among the $75 billion the President threw at the housing crisis today. He also authorized 17,000 troops to head off to Afghanistan. This will just be turning the draw down in troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. We know you people who voted for change must be all up in arms. He was going to end war, bring troops home, and start nation building the good name of the US and peace. This is very disconcerting as there has been protest in the streets; college campuses all over the US are holding rallies to stop the war. You missed it didn’t you? Because it did not happen there is no stop the war rallies, there is no bringing the troop home protests. This another case of this President getting a pass on what he said he would do and the reality of what he is doing. It is starting to get a little embarrassing for the left, is this really how they thought it would be? Have you watched Saturday Night Live do they have a person throwing satire at President Obama? The more we watch this President the more we see him as a one term wonder and experiment that just did not work out. Rock stars are about making you feel good and giving you hope, a President needs to make the hard decisions as a straight shooter. In these troubled times we need more straight shooting and less rock star.

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National Debt 2/17/1999 5,613,891,503,342.53
National Debt 2/17/2009 10,789,783,760,341.41

Was it just a come on in the dark
Wasn’t meant to last long
I think you’ve worn your welcome honey
I’ll just see you along as I sing you this song
W. Axl Rose You Ain’t the First (1991)

Just like Printing Money

The new President Obama American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 along with the President Bush bailouts of Wall Street Bankers, Auto Industry and Sub prime Mortgages will have the deficit this country faces at the end of the year around 1.5 trillion dollars. That is three times what it was in 2008, under the President Bush administration. They spent our money as no Republican ever had before. That is the problem this is our money well more to the fact our children’s children money. That is the smoke and mirrors that this American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is not being revealed. If you step behind the curtain, you will realize that if you all of a sudden spend 787 billion dollars it has to come from somewhere. The plan is to jump start the economy today, so how is this going to be paid for, hold on to your wallet. Tax hikes are coming and it will be too late to do anything about it. The three card Monty game the congress is playing with the American economy is ultimately will rest squarely on the shoulders of the working class. There is no way to pay down a 1.5 trillion dollar debt other than to tax the people. You mark our words it cannot be today, but it is coming hope you enjoy your new roads and bridges. They are not free; as the Federal Reserve cannot just keep; printing money. Eventually the system will right itself then inflation will drag us under.

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But I got the time and I got the muscle
I got the need to lay it all on the line
I ain’t afraid of your smoke screen hustle
It’s a perfect crime
W. Axl Rose Perfect Crime (1991)

Facebook terms of service change

The new FaceBook TOS is said not to be commandeer user content the new perpetual worldwide license is now part of the social-networking website. They say the changes were necessary to keep in step with how people share pictures, comments and other information in the popular online community. They stood by the claim they would not share your information in anyway. The new TOS gives FaceBook the right to freely use anything people add to the website even after members delete material or close accounts. This includes that once a picture or message is sent to friends at FaceBook, senders surrender control of the data. This truly is a double edge sword you want to be able to find friends, email addresses and look at photos, but saying that this information has to stop there is not viable in a digital World Wide Web setting. This change to the TOS at FaceBook makes sense but the thought that their servers will hold on to your picture of you drinking a funnel shot for the rest of your life is kind of scary.

Amanda Bynes sizzling delineation


This week the Woman of the week is last years #44 in the top 51. Amanda Laura Bynes who was born April 3, 1986 in Thousand Oaks, California. She went comedy camp at the age of seven that was given by Richard Pryor and Arsenio Hall. By the age of ten, she had done commercials and became a regular cast member of the Nickelodeon show All That a sketch show billed as a SNL for tweeners. She was a stand out on the show and landed her own, The Amanda Show. She made her film debut in 2002 in Big Fat Liar, her first lead solo role was in What a Girl Wants. She was a co-star in the WB show What I like About You, (4 years 82 episodes) when it was cancelled she turned back to movies with a role in Hairspray. She has been nominated for eleven awards winning a total of seven. She came across the tea512 radar after a photo of her appeared last week from a fashion week event. She is not a little girl anymore she always had rockin legs and worked the black mini dress and getting better every time. We have taken notice as her stock will rise as she is funny, can act, pretty eyes and now is a smokin red hot American girl with a bangin body to match.

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I know how you feel inside I’ve
I’ve been there before
Something’s changing inside you
And don’t you know
W. Axl Rose Don’t Cry (1991) Used 2/16/09


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

On Thursday night the President Barack Obama stimulus package titled American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The bill which Obama trumped as something we needed. Then he handed over the keys to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to create and push through congress. This needed to passed on Thursday by 6pm a Speaker Pelosi was on a flight to Rome. There was a vote that had a bill with over a thousand pages and there was no time to read the final draft. So we are starting to dissect which is no easy task. There is a rule in every investigation follow the money. This is a good a place as any to start we are going to highlight the sixteen titles from the bill and what the gross each will be given to each agency.


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National Debt 2/12/1999 5,588,062,219,274.99
National Debt 2/12/2009 10,759,196,587,563.44

He lost his mind today
He left it out back on the highway
On “65”
W. Axl Rose Dust N’ Bones (1991)

Video Games Sales Keep Growing

We reported that video games and consoles enjoyed a great holiday season. Well the drum beat just keeps on the for the video game market. Americans bought $445 million worth of video game hardware during the month of January, this is a 17% increase from last year. Nintendo was out in front of a 13% growth. The Nintendo Wii had another 679,200 units sold, followed by the handheld Nintendo DS with 510,800 units. The Xbox 360 from Microsoft sold 309,000 units and the PlayStation 3 from Sony sold 203,200 units. This of course brings software sales along as well which climbed 10%. Nintendo had a great month here as well moving 777,000 Wii Fit making it the top selling software for the month. We are not sure if there is more than two things at play. When you see numbers like this you can usually bring it local. We do know many families who have gotten a Wii over the last six months, so it makes sense the amount of units being sold and the Wii Fit seems to be hand in hand. The other thing is with people not going out as much and maybe where the whole family can play the Wii this might replace a family night at the movies, bowling or trips to the mall.

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National Debt 2/11/1999 5,588,062,219,274.99
National Debt 2/11/2009 10,759,196,587,563.44

I’ll take a nicotine, caffine, sugar fix Jesus don’t ya git tired of turnin’ tricks
But when your innocence dies You’ll find the blues
Seems all our heroes were born to lose
W. Axl Rose Right Next Door to Hell (1991)

Space Dust Conjestion

On Tuesday night, there was an orbital collision between two satellites in space. There have been close to 6,000 satellites launched since the first Soviet satellite Sputnik in 1957. During the last 52 years, a few have been brought back to Earth. There is no international law or until now requirement of a satellites return. This would cost more money because it uses rocket fuel for reentry. If the satellite has rocket fuel then it stay in space longer as operational. There has been a renewed effort for the celestial equivalent of the earth air traffic controlling system. This topic will come up next week at the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space in Vienna. They are there to discuss getting satellite operators to put space safety before commercial factors. The committee will also address the even tougher question of how to persuade new space-faring nations to adopt internationally approved codes for licensing and disposing of their spacecraft. The United Nations has already agreed guidelines on what to do about space junk, this the next phase agreeing on how to deal with operational satellites. China and the US have blown them to bits with missiles but this only adds to the problem of remaining space junk. We do not have much input here we just really wanted to post the picture.


Google of the air

Google will stop selling ads on broadcast radio stations. This is another in a series of cutback or wake up calls from the Google Empire. We have seen them abandon an ad program for newspapers and shut down unprofitable online services. This experiment into broadcast radio started three years ago with the purchase of a dMarc for $120 million. Stopping now and getting out means, they will never have to pay $1.1 billion if they hit financial targets. The program was running and given a full effort by Google as 1,600 radio stations had been participating. They are hoping to recoup some investment by selling the piece that automates the process of placing ads on broadcast radio. Could this mean the Google television commercial distribution is next as they have moved out of newspapers and radio. They will need to stick with what they now, and what got them to where they are. These are not times to dabble Internet advertising is what they know, it accounted for their $21.8 billion in revenue last year.

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National Debt 2/11/1999 5,587,508,878,762.60
National Debt 2/11/2009 10,713,124,215,572.20 

So I thumbed it Down to sixth and L.A.
Maybe your greyhound Could be my way
W. Axl Rose (1988) One in a Million

This rebate is better from a Republican

The new spendulus package that will be signed over the weekend has a tax cut causing a stir. There is a $400 cut in the payroll tax. This is a great thing first it is a tax cut for people who actually work, second it is a tax cut, third President Obama promised a tax cut for 95% of Americans and here it is. Now we are already hearing Republicans complaining that it is only $8 a week. This is the same things Democrats said when President Bush sent out a $600 check that it was only $11.50 a week. When pressed they will say that stimulus you could go out and buy a refrigerator with, this one you can only go out to lunch an extra day a week. We promised to give this President a chance, we did not want him, we believe all he is just smoke and mirrors but we promised to give it a chance. We are not going to jump on him the way Democrats did about everything President Bush did we have not even started a countdown to the end of his presidency. We did not like he handed this thing over to congress to craft we thought he would be more hands on, we are happy about this tax cut and we will applaud it. We are waiting for the final bill to signed before we find out what it going to be a waste and what is going to work.  

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National Debt 2/11/1999 5,587,508,878,762.60
National Debt 2/11/2009 10,713,124,215,572.20

Shed a tear ’cause I’m missing you I’m still alright to smile
Girl, I think about you every day now Was a time when I wasn’t sure
But you set my mind at ease
W. Axl Rose Patience (1988)