FaceBook TOS Round 2

FaceBook is letting the 175 million worldwide users try their hand at a Terms of Service agreement. Thursday the online social network giant posted that the user community will play a meaningful role in the policy. This will include things like voting on changes. FaceBook officials were clear that users own their own information, and not FaceBook. The voting will be on issues such as privacy, ownership, and sharing information. The TOS will be achieved by reviewing, commenting, and voting on them before they are put in place. When 7,000 users comment on any proposed change, it would go to a vote. The vote would be binding if more than thirty percent of active users vote. As of this post, there are less than 140,000 people in the group, which needs 53 million to make a change stick. When FaceBook started, it was a college students-only site. They billed themselves as a guarded place that gives its users control over who can access their profiles, posts, and even list of friends. This is the fact of the growing pains and this process feel good approach of letting the users decide in the end maybe only a concern to a few and not the many.

NCAA March Madness 20 days
Countdown to Spring 21 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 37 days
NBA Playoffs 50 days
Days until 2010 – 307 days

National Debt 2/24/1999    5,620,928,184,943.17
National Debt 2/25/2009    10,837,499,231,127.11

Got my feet in the sand
I got a house on the hill
I got a headache like a mother
Twice the price of my thrills
W. Axl Rose Bad Apples (1991)

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