It is an Obama Nation

We are trying very hard to get on board with this president. It is hard because in the first 30 days he rally has not made many good choices. The cabinet positions, letting congress create the stimulus package, and gitmo camp draw down. Tuesday night we watched him address the joint houses of congress. We watched Nancy Pelosi jump up and down like a cheerleader who does not know the score of the game. He was again well spoken and delivered more of his bring hope to the masses message. The democrats have all drank the Kool-aid so they love the message of hope and change. Three things from this speech we will highlight are just silly. If President George Bush had said them, he would have been ripped apart but President Obama can get away with it. The first is that everyone need to go back to college and take a class, how does this help fix our problems, since Americans have to work two and three jobs to pay for this spending deficit we have there is not time for college. The next thing he said it is no longer an option for someone to quit high school, good luck enforcing that one, he cannot even get his cabinet members to pay their taxes. The last is the feel good story of the night when he declared research grant to find a cure for cancer. Listen this is great and would be wonderful but does anyone think because Obama said it would be done. Does anyone think there are not millions or researchers around the world already chasing that golden goose? We posted this so we can prove four years from now none of these cheering points will even be close to being realized.

NCAA March Madness 21 days
Countdown to Spring 22 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 38 days
NBA Playoffs 51 days
Days until 2010 – 308 days

National Debt 2/24/1999 5,620,229,439,635.41
National Debt 2/24/2009 10,843,355,058,860.91

Be it a song or casual conversation To hold my tongue speaks
Of quiet reservations Your words once heard
They can place you in a faction My words may disturb
But at least there’s a reaction
W. Axl Rose Don’t Damn Me (1991)

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