Use Cash when on the lamb

In these days of cell phones, GPS and Credit Card Transaction, you can be tracked down in a heartbeat. Remember when you commit a crime that these gadgets and currency options will lead to your capture. We mention this today because in Holyoke, Massachusetts a 23 year old teacher ran away with a 15 year old student. They tracked down because they wee using their cell phones and credit cards. Eventually she used a credit card for a hotel room and that is where they found here. In case you wanted to know what she looked like people were able to post her picture because it was on FaceBook. Currently when you commit a crime or plan to there are some simple tricks that can make you less likely to be caught. First, remove all your social networking photos and accounts. Second, get as much cash as you can before the crime or right after, hit the ATM before you hit the road and never two in any direction. If you leave Massachusetts and the next ATM, charge is in Connecticut on Route 95 you have given up your direction and there is a path to follow. Third through out your cell phone, is you want a phone get a burner, a pay as you go and buy it with cash. The reason to follow these three simple steps is how you can not get caught on the lamb with a 15 year old, two days after you leave in a hotel about 1000 miles away.

NCAA March Madness 22 days
Countdown to Spring 23 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 39 days
NBA Playoffs 52 days
Days until 2010 – 309 days

National Debt 2/23/1999 5,619,947,525,857.17
National Debt 2/23/2009 10,839,526,591,486.90

This fire is burnin’
and it’s out of control
It’s not a problem you can stop
It’s rock n’ roll
W. Axl Rose Garden of Eden (1991)

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