Layoff Tracker a widget for doom

A San Francisco website called has created free software program widget called Layoff Tracker. It can be put on a Web site or a computer desktop then provide a running tally of the laid off workers from the countries major employers. The tracker uses the data from news reports and company announcements. The program is designed to make it easier to monitor the massive layoffs and downsizing that has been only getting worse each day. The end game of the website is to rate places to work. This way before you accept a position you can see what others thought who have worked there or still do. There is a lot of this kind of review-based information on the Internet, on everything from music to services. This is a natural progression and with unemployment heading toward 8% there will be many people looking for work. It also say a lot about a company when people who leave due to layoff or other reasons speak well of the job they had. There would be sour grapes that would have to be kept in check. Not everyone that has been laid off is going to glow about a company. They though might offer insight to what fell apart and why they think the company needed to let people go. We find the widget itself to be to depressing and hopefully would not want to see our own names flash in the window.

NCAA March Madness 23 days
Countdown to Spring 24 days
MLB Baseball Opening Day 40 days
NBA Playoffs 53 days
Days until 2010 – 310 days

National Debt 2/20/1999 5,615,449,357,785.96
National Debt 2/20/2009 10,838,758,414,164.46

As you look into the trees
You can look but you don’t see
The flowers seem to tease you at the garden
W. Axl Rose The Garden (1991)

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