FaceBook About Face TOS

FaceBook turned an about face this week on the issue of their TOS. The scream from the online protest was so loud they needed to halt the action and reverse to old TOS. The next step for the mega social networking site is to figure how best to determine who controls the information shared on the social networking site. The press release jumped the sites user community up to an outstanding 175 million users from around the world. The best part was a group was formed on FaceBook to protest which quickly has ten of thousands of members. FaceBook created a group that was called FaceBook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, the idea was to let users give input on the new FaceBook TOS. This was just bad public relations as at a bad time as FaceBook is looking to convert users to cash. The company has not had a flux of money since the Microsoft buy in. The strength in their sales pitch is the 175 million members that are constantly checking and updating their status and to have a dip in that number over this issue at this time could have been catastrophic.

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Always tried to take it
Take it down into my vein
W. Axl Rose Bad Obsession (1991)

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