Facebook terms of service change

The new FaceBook TOS is said not to be commandeer user content the new perpetual worldwide license is now part of the social-networking website. They say the changes were necessary to keep in step with how people share pictures, comments and other information in the popular online community. They stood by the claim they would not share your information in anyway. The new TOS gives FaceBook the right to freely use anything people add to the website even after members delete material or close accounts. This includes that once a picture or message is sent to friends at FaceBook, senders surrender control of the data. This truly is a double edge sword you want to be able to find friends, email addresses and look at photos, but saying that this information has to stop there is not viable in a digital World Wide Web setting. This change to the TOS at FaceBook makes sense but the thought that their servers will hold on to your picture of you drinking a funnel shot for the rest of your life is kind of scary.

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