Space Dust Conjestion

On Tuesday night, there was an orbital collision between two satellites in space. There have been close to 6,000 satellites launched since the first Soviet satellite Sputnik in 1957. During the last 52 years, a few have been brought back to Earth. There is no international law or until now requirement of a satellites return. This would cost more money because it uses rocket fuel for reentry. If the satellite has rocket fuel then it stay in space longer as operational. There has been a renewed effort for the celestial equivalent of the earth air traffic controlling system. This topic will come up next week at the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space in Vienna. They are there to discuss getting satellite operators to put space safety before commercial factors. The committee will also address the even tougher question of how to persuade new space-faring nations to adopt internationally approved codes for licensing and disposing of their spacecraft. The United Nations has already agreed guidelines on what to do about space junk, this the next phase agreeing on how to deal with operational satellites. China and the US have blown them to bits with missiles but this only adds to the problem of remaining space junk. We do not have much input here we just really wanted to post the picture.


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