Live Nation Entertainment -Screwed Again

There was a time Ticketmaster was the only game in town when it came to concerts. That meant as a fan you had to pay whatever fee Ticketmaster wanted to charge and bought tickets under their rules. This also meant the venues had to do things the way Ticketmaster wanted, and lastly the band was left no control once they agreed to play a show at these venues. It was so bad in 1994 Pearl Jam tried to buck the system they took them to court; they decided to be their own ticket broker. This was a miserable experiment a only out of the way venues would allow the show. Pearl Jam saw a hole in the system no one wanted to expose. Ticketmaster was controlling the flow and fees on tickets. The biggest Pearl Jam fan could sleep out at a Ticketmaster location be the first in line for a 10am sale, plunk cash down on the counter ask for only two seats and only be as close as the 20th row. Who bought all those other tickets in front of this fan and how were they ahead of him. Pearl Jam only wanted to control and lower the fees to make the tickets cheaper for fans. Well twenty years later things have not changed much, Ticketmaster did give in on a few things fan clubs get the best seats, and there is presale and ticket limits keep scalpers from buying up big chunks of tickets. Then we find out the only company to rival Ticketmaster ticketing system, Live Nation has been swallowed up by Ticketmaster. They plan an all-stock merger of equals. The combined company will be called Live Nation Entertainment. We think this is going to take a while before approval as this seems to have antitrust problems and monopoly issues.

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National Debt 2/10/1999 5,585,853,820,767.03
National Debt 2/10/2009 10,721,365,792,566.28

I used to love her, but I had to kill her
I had to put her Six feet under
And I can still hear her complain
W. Axl Rose Used to Love Her (1988)

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