Bang a Bong – Get it On

The next part of the crazy Michael Phelps story in the aftermath of his picture smoking a bong at a college party Columbia, South Carolina. The owner of the bong that Michael Phelps was caught using on that crazy November night, who we know now was not even at the party. He has made the list of not so very bright bulb on the tree of the Internet. The police in the town had taken offence to the photo from their town and wanted to make arrests. The word was out but the owner of the bong did not hear. He put the bong in question on eBay for a Buy It Now price $100K, the Richland County Sheriff’s department went on the offensive arrested him and eight others. We at Tea512 love a good FaceBook or MySpace story when someone posts a story or photo of a crime; they committed giving the police all they need for the arrest. This is another case where someone does not understand the power and notice of the World Wide Web. We will file it under if I would have know I could get in trouble I would not have done it.

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