Recession McLovin it

Another sign the recession is all around us, the McDonald’s company posted a 7.1 percent worldwide increase in same-store sales for the month. They are the US number one hamburger chain. They have been posting strong sales as the economic downturn in the US, McDonalds formula of offering dollar menu items, as well as cafĂ© style coffee, shakes, and ice cream has turned into a profitable business model. McDonalds has turned what was a fast food fix or a food substitutes on the run to a full service all day restaurant. A family of four can go to McDonalds for a dinner and each family member can get three items from the value menu and a drink, this bill will be under $20. This is impossible at even a lower priced restaurant around town. We have seen this as we do a server rotation that requires us to work late at least once a month. On those nights we stop at the same McDonalds on the way to the server farm. We have seen more people eating in over the last year and more picking it up to go. You can clearly tell when the order is for a bigger family and the four piece McNugget and the Double Cheeseburger seem to be a staple with every order. We at the tea512 are big fans of McDonalds so we are glad at least one company we like is doing well.

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