The 51st Grammy awards tonight

The 51st Grammy awards are tonight and it is one of the award shows we look forward to seeing. Everyone has their favorites so when a winner is chosen you can always make an argument for or against. We are sure there have been times that the winner was not worthy as their music faded away and then they did as well. There was a year Toto won plenty of awards for a disc we only heard one song from and still have never heard anymore. There was another year when Christina Aguilera moped up the floor with Britney Spears. Christina took home five of the little record players and Britney was shut out. At the time we thought that was crazy looking back now we must admit they were right. There was the famous first year they added hard rock and Jethro Tull beat out Metallica. This sounds insane and was as Metallica had released the And Justice For All which was all over the radio and everyone we knew had it, even if they did not like hard rock. The best part of that night was they played the song One in front of all the people sitting with their tuxes and red carpet gowns, a classic moment for music. One category to night we are watching is the Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals there is just such a mix of music, artists, style and it all come together here, the nominees are: 

Lesson Learned – Alicia Keys & John Mayer,
4 Minutes – Madonna, Justin Timberlake & Timbaland,
Rich Woman – Robert Plant & Alison Krauss,
If I Never See Your Face Again – Rihanna & Maroon 5,
No Air -Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown 

And the winner is…….The 51st Grammys are tonight at 8pm on CBS

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If I say I don’t need anyone
I can say these things to you
‘Cause I can turn on any one
Just like I turned on you
W. Axl Rose Rocket Queen (1987)

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