American Idol Hollywood Week


From time to time we like to comment on American Idol. The household has major fans of the show so it is necessary viewing. We wanted to comment this week about the treatment and handling by the show of Katrina Darrell a.k.a Bikini Girl. They made a big deal to promote her the week before the auditions. They spent the whole Arizona audition show following her around. When she finally sang for the judges she was green lighted by the men on the panel before she finished the last note. The woman judges instantly started a cat fight, but she made it to Hollywood. They showed her a few more time before the end of the audition cycle. Then it was time for Hollywood they once again followed her around as she waited to audition. This girl created a web page and was one of the highest hit Yahoo pages during her run on the show. She mailed it on group night and they chased her to her hotel room followed her out to breakfast. They must have tipped of the girls at her table because they seemed prepared for her arrival. So after the group number she was axed and then the judges made a big deal about her heading of stage for a face shot. They created this and allowed it to happen, there are about 75 people remaining and none of them received the face time Katrina Darrell received. She may or may not be able to sing but her angle to be recognized. Is it no wonder Playboy has already knocked on her door? American Idol created her and then was upset when her head was larger then the show. She knew it was stepping stone and she used it and them to the fullest.

Countdown to 51st Grammy Awards: Tomorrow
Countdown to Baseball Pitchers & Catchers 5 days
Countdown to 78th Oscar Awards: 15 days
Countdown to Spring 41 days

National Debt 2/5/1999 5,585,490,064,776.03
National Debt 2/5/2009 10,717,998,123,287.70

Tied up, tied down,
up against the wall
Be my rubbermade baby
An’ we can do it all
W. Axl Rose Anything Goes (1987)

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