Super Bowl Ads weigh in

We were not charged about the ads for the game. So here is a little recap of our reaction to the day. Faith Hill is no Ray Charles but it is better than if they asked Jamie Foxx. Jennifer Hudson lip synced the national anthem, still no match for the Whitney Houston live version. The Kurt Warner choke pass to end the half cost his team the game. How can you not see a 290 pound guy with a huge 92 in the wrong color uniform? Bruce Springsteen was impressive as a halftime show. Never been a big fan but it was the best show in recent memory, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones appeared to just go through the motions the last couple years. The second half was great and it is always good when the game goes down to the final play. Which of course was Warner coughing up the ball on a fumble, to end the game? The other side of this his wife looks much better than she did in the hay days of the Rams. Do you thing she had some work done? The commercials you had to like the Doritos ad but our favorite was the Potato Heads driving the car.

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