Just admit it Vista Blows

Sales of computers are dropping by the day. Microsoft on Thursday reported dismal second-quarter results. They also announced they would layoff 5% of the workforce about 5,000 people. It is extremely rare for Microsoft to lose money in a quarter. This quarter which ended on the 31st of December they reported 11% drop. They commented that they think consumer and business spending cutbacks could last for years and set a new low base for sales. They blamed everything but what the real problem happened to be. They claimed the issues are changing trends in the PC market, problems with Web search and or cloud computing. We would like to add to the list small computers called netbook that are cheap but running open source O/S because it is small and not bloated like the Microsoft products. You do need as much horsepower to run keeping the machine lighter and cheaper. We are just amazed that they will not admit for the hype and expectations Vista is a dog, This is the reason people are switching to Apple, trying Linux or staying at Windows XP. The corporate environment sure has not embraced Vista and public sector has been forced as only new machines are shipping with Vista. You can buy a downgrade license at purchase from some vendors to have XP installed on your new machine. We know everyone is in a down turn but we think Microsoft should be ahead between XBOX360 and new PC sales that fault lies in Vista more than they are willing to admit.

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National Debt 1/22/1999 5,603,017,933,762.14
National Debt 1/22/2009 10,618,718,703,374.78

If we ever find it true Love will have its way to choose
Three more to tame We can be ever
W. Axl Rose Madagascar (2008)

President Obama is making a mistake

There is no way he should have signed an executive order to close Gitmo. There is no plan in place for the detainees, it is bad idea to release these people back to their nation and expect trail to have a desired outcome. Remember when the perpetrators that bombed the US Cole where convicted by a Yemen court. The convicted men then some how escaped. There are reports in the past there have been detainees that wound up right back on the battlefield in Iraq or Afghanistan. We understand President Obama on many occasions said he would do this on the campaign trail. We understand there was enormous pressure form his liberal think tank on why it needs to be done. We understand holding people prisoner without charges is against the laws of this country. We understand that torturing prisoners for information is against not only the Geneva Convention by against all the United States stands for. The only hope we have since this plan is moving forward although for an executive order it is very vague in details. That none of the people President Barack Obama is about to release bring harm to this nation. As much as the left will try to blame, the policy of President Bush as the catapult for the action, the bottom line is President Obama let the person free to inflict the danger.

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National Debt 1/21/1999 5,600,287,708,585.56
National Debt 1/21/2009 10,625,053,544,309.79

Gonna wave it right down in your face
Read it baby with your morning news
With a sweet hangover
And the headlines too
W. Axl Rose I.R.S. (2008)

Google cant save Newspaper

Even Google Inc is giving up on the newspaper industry. They have scraped the two-year project of selling print ads for the newspaper industry. The idea was to help newspapers with a new revenue stream as more advertisers have shifted spending to the Internet. The advertisers would be allowed to bid online to fill the unsold spaces in newspapers that joined the system, and then publishers could accept or deny the offers. Google as much as admitted that the model they used online was not working for the print industry and will stop the program effective February 28. The system was gaining steam as there are about 800 newspapers using the system. They said they are committed to help the newspaper industry but it is probably more an online help then keeping the print editions alive. The funny thing is more people are reading newspaper then ever before, they are just no paying for them. They are picking and choosing as well a news story from one city paper then get a sports story from another. There is also a trend to get local news from a national story, where you read what the New York papers are saying about the Mets or Los Angeles Times about the governor’s race. There is something to be said for that but not if you have to pay for it, newspapers tried to make subscriptions work and it failed as MSN and Yahoo cleaned up using the AP. Within this century the print edition may no longer be needed and freedom of the press and printed articles that America was founded using could only be a memory in a museum as podcasts, and kindle, led us into the brave new information world.

Oh were saying something!

If you are regular reader of this site you know we like point out media bias. We know we said we would give President Obama a pass in the first 100 days, which is more than left leaning people did for President Bush in either term. We do not want to point out how in the tank for President Obama that Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are when they commented that even President Obama penmanship is nice. We will not say anything about how Maureen Dowd called the moment President Obama had taken the oath the day the earth stood still. We will not say anything about the little logo on the lower left of the screen on NBC, CNN, ABC, or CBS that reads hope or new beginning, when four years ago it was a nation divided. What we will talk about is yesterday President Bush gave a speech addressing his day after sort of a thing. Fox was the only television station that covered it. We know it is President Obama’s time, but if you can remember eight years ago, they followed President Clinton around as well as new elected President Bush. There was even a split screen following President Bush while President Clinton at an Andrew Air Force base hanger at a party with his staff. Remember though when they tell you there is no bias it is only your perception. National Debt 1/20/1999  5,616,950,859,308.91
National Debt 1/20/2009 10,627,708,753,691.49

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Sorry for you You’ve got no heart
You can’t see All that you’ve done for me
know the reasons You tear me apart
W. Axl Rose Sorry(2008)

President Obama Freezes Pay

President Obama on Wednesday had a pretty busy day undermining things that President Bush had created over the last eight years. These involved secrecy of presidential papers  as well as a shutdown at gitmo. These did not catch our eye, what did raise an eyebrow was when he froze the salary of 100 people at the Whitehouse who are considered staff. There pay was frozen because they all earn over $100,000 a year. These high-paid aides in a what can only be viewed as a symbolic gesture to the country’s economic turmoil and the over 7% unemployed. The pay freeze would hold salaries at their current levels those affected by President Obama which includes the White House chief of staff, national security adviser and press secretary, as well as some who work behind the scenes. The White House officals said the move would help ito stretch the budget. This is of course silly because there is no automatic raise for this staff they come from the President and in any case the amount in question is small since it deals with only a small portion of the total White House staff. But it is nice to know that there are 101 people in the Whitehouse that earn a total of $10,250,000. We did notice that President Obama did not give himself a paycut or reduce his salary, does the President even need a paycheck? Housing, meals transportation are all free. He even has bowling alley if he want to have a family night. Could President Obama be another do as I say not as I do democrat?

National Debt 1/20/1999 5,623,807,213,463.02
National Debt 1/20/2009 10,626,877,048,913.08

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Riad and the Bedouins
Had a plan and thought they’d win
Riad and the Bedouins
Crossed the line and lost again
W. Axl Rose Riad N’ the Bedouins (2008)

President Obama Inauguration Speech

We watched the new President speak on the mall and there were things he said that made even a Republican feel good. They might have not been what Democrats expected and maybe Barack Obama is closer to the center then we all believed. There are five things he said we would like to highlight. These are exact quotes as to not confuse.

“That we are in the midst of crisis is now well understood. Our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred. Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age.”

This is good stuff not pie in the sky, not to somber we have issues and they must be dealt with and we can if we all work together. The more adversarial hawkish Obama was the surprise we did not see coming. We expected him to reach out to other nations.

“And so to all other peoples and governments who are watching today, from the grandest capitals to the small village where my father was born: know Americais a friend of each nation and every man, woman, and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity, and we are ready to lead once more.”

Then he followed this we are nice but we are America this was our favorite part of the speech it was no Kennedy speech but this is good stuff.

“We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you.”

“To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society’s ills on the West — know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy.”

He closed with remark about how our generation is going to be remembered.

“Let it be said by our children’s children that when we were tested we refused to let this journey end, that we did not turn back nor did we falter; and with eyes fixed on the horizon and God’s grace upon us, we carried forth that great gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations.”

This is a tough road and it is only day one we are hoping that he stays in the center and has success because that is good for all Americans, – Republican, Democrat, Black, White, Christen, Muslim, Jew we all have a vested interest in making this succeed.


Today is begins all the hope and we can turn this country around stuff comes to a head. We went to bed with a Republican who has kept the country safe for the last eight years and tonight it is a Democrat. We wonder if we will see the same Barack Obama that was confident he could fix the problems all along the campaign trail, or will he start to back peddle saying the problems were bigger then he thought. Bush / Cheney messed this up so bad it will take more time, maybe even two terms. We are hopeful that he will have some good will from congress and they will actually pass some legislature this year. Therefore, we will keep track on both congress and Obama for the next 100 days. We are looking to see if what he sold young America and Latin Americans is what he delivers. If what he claimed to be able to do on the campaign trail can be brought forward. Nevertheless, most of all he can keep us safe in as we rest our head on our pillows at night. Good Luck to the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama.

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Don’t you try to stop us now ‘Cause I just won’t let you
Sometimes I feel like My life’s a catastrophe
Can’t understand why It seems like it has to be
W. Axl Rose Scraped (2008)

AnnaLynne McCord ravishing vixen


This week we highlight AnnaLynne McCord she did not make the list of the Tea512 Top 51 Smokin Sasses of 2008. We received a few email about her missing the cut. You can check her out in the new issues of GQ and that is why she made it this week. AnnaLynne was born July 16, 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia as she was home schooled and graduated from high school at fifteen. Her first work was in the movies The Middle of Nowhere and Transporter 2. She did some television work on the O.C., Cold Case and Ugly Betty. She first got our attention on the role of Eden Lord in Nip/Tuck. She has reemerged after that role ended and exploded on to the scene with CW remake of the 90201 series. Her character is hot and vindictive. We have made the show part of our DVR scheduled so we do not miss her appearance as she is always dressed provocatively. When she bats her beautiful on the screen we just melt and if you get a chance to see her photo spread in GQ you will know what we mean. She is going to be around a long time as we only see good things for her in 2009 and beyond.

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National Debt 1/15/1999 5,616,950,859,308.91
National Debt 1/15/2009 10,627,708,753,691.49

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If all I knew Was that with you
I’d want someone to save me
It’d be enough But just my luck
I fell in love and maybe
W. Axl Rose Better (2008)

TweetNews the Next Level

Twitter is the place to find breaking news it has become the tool for finding the story, it as it happens, since mostly the post is a line or two the rest of the story is needed. The need  to then go to the web for the rest of the story or the breaking alerts. There is a new exciting tool from Twitter called TweetNews this is the best of both worlds. It is a mashup of Yahoo news results and then it compares the results to like topics on Twitter sites in the appspot area and only uses about 100 lines of code. The result is a search engine mashup that has the latest news stories, which are ranked by Twitter search and revealing faster updates. The best part is you will have more comprehensive coverage than either source could have provided alone. The results will also include tweets, so there will be links that spin off in another direction on the same topic. When put into practice an example would be the Flight 1549 from this week. The AP story would be mashed with twitter posts from inside the plane, as well as from the ground. You now not only have the story of what is going on but actual remarks from on the ground and in this case in the air. We really have reached an age of not only instantaneous news but also making everyone around the scene an on the spot reporter. When using TweetNews you have the best of these both worlds in a mashup.

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Does Anyone Like George W. Bush?

We posted the accomplishments of the last eight years of President Bush and were slammed by emails and posts. To say that they were mostly negative is an understatement. In fact none of the replies or transmissions we received either verbal or electronic was positive. So we had to look back and see maybe there are more things wrongs wrong. After all has had the lowest approval rating in the history of keeping that data and it has been in the tank for most of the second term. So we though we would post the things we think he did wrong. We call this list the anti accomplishments as they had a negative factor on the president, his policy, or his supports and even the general public. The blame can be directed but with any Commander when your flank lets you down it is still your fault for not having them in the right place. So we are in a tremendous financial crisis, he crippled the Republican party in the last election, we could start with emergency management getting water to the superdome took five days after Katrina, The Medicare drug program that cost tax payers $50 billion while stuffing the pockets of the pharmaceuticals. Afghanistan this one was good then bad, then worse, now it is just bad. Iraq, okay this one easy but let us look at dollars, cost was planned at $65 billion we are now up over $300. Let us group Iran, North Korea, and China in one group and say things could have gone better. When you think about the debt run up you have to think about a trade deficit which is approaching $1 trillion. There are other things like immigration, energy pricing, oil pricing, OPEC negotiations, United Nations involvements, as well as taking care of the planet we live on. We hope we covered all your complaints and tried to be as the famous saying goes fair and balanced.

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National Debt 1/14/1999 5,617,728,448,220.89
National Debt 1/14/2009 10,605,968,804,933.43

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I don’t believe there’s a reason (I sure, I don’t believe it)
No one is stopping you from doing what you want to do
No one is stopping you now, stopping you now
W. Axl Rose Shackler’s Revenge (2008)