President Obama walks into things too.

We all know there is no media bias. You must remember the clip of President George Bush leaving a press conference stage left, but the door was locked. We saw that clip everywhere from the news to night time talk shows. David Letterman must have played it a thousand times. We yesterday we heard there was a picture of President Barack Obama trying to walk through a window he a assumed was a door. The problem is this image there is no video is no where to be found. We are thankful for the Internet as we were able to find the photo. We also believe someone has to have the video. We knew that the jokes about this new President were going to be hard to find, we did not expect when he did do something funny it would not be part of the news cycle. We had become a custom to people making fun of our president on a daily basis. It is not a shock but it is a telling fact on where the media and Hollywood interests lie. We know it is just a photo but I bet this is the first you are hearing about it and it happened on Tuesday.


Countdown to 51st Grammy Awards: 19 days
Countdown to Baseball Pitchers & Catchers 15 days
Countdown to 78th Oscar Awards: 23 days

National Debt 1/27/1999 5,608,643,439,718.59
National Debt 1/27/2009 10,626,078,634,370.54

Loaded like a freight train Flyin’ like an aeroplane
Feelin’ like a space brain One more time tonight
W.Axl Rose Nightrain (1987)

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