Newspapers struggle even online

The good new for newspaper web sites is they are getting more visitors; better news is those visitors are coming back more often. Just like every other website fighting for your attention the visitors are not spending much time at the site. They are averaging about a half-hour for a unique visitor. The other problem is they still have not found a way to turn these visits into revenue. According to Nielsen, 40 million people visited newspaper sites in December, which is a 16 percent increase over the previous year. The returning numbers we also getting better as return visitors were up to 6.3 times compared to 5.8 times a year earlier. This umber is better but they are small in both readers and increases seen by Yahoo, MSNBC, CNN and AOL. The newspaper are providing a service in two ways the reader that missed an edition for whatever reason is able to catch up from anywhere in the world. The other is they are picking up readers as regular readers send links to articles around the net. The newspaper has to do a better job of finding a way to make the users visits translate into dollars. These numbers are encouraging as people should understand the AP story from Yahoo is not the only angle of a story. The newspapers may need to start partnerships to survive. They need out of the box thinking to find a way to sell there product through the offer of someone else and until the find that delicate balance they will continue to struggle.

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