Consumer Spending Index is Down

Every month you hear about Consumer Confidence Spending index, recently this has been dropping. You start to wonder what that means in relation to me. Living for the last 25 years nothing much changes. Friday night everyone goes out spends money. It did not matter if the people could afford it they would use credit cards or rob Peter to pay Paul, the execution really did not matter. The Consumer Confidence Spending was happening because if people had money or not they felt they could get more, extend credit, work bonus or overtime, even up coming paychecks. When people feel these things are at risk, getting more credit, losing their job, no overtime they shut down extra spending. This is what a drop in Consumer Confidence Spending index is, this was reflected in true color on Friday Night when we went to Wal-Mart. We were able to get a spot 10 cars from the door. We were able to walk the aisles without maneuvering around people, and when it was time to checkout we walked up to a checkout without anyone in line. You could feel the vacuum that has become the economy sucking the life right out of the store. On Sunday we took the little ones to a birthday party and while we waited there was another Wal-Mart in this different town. We had to go inside to see if the results were the same. This was a Sunday afternoon and no Football for the first time in three months so the store was crowded. The lines were moving fast and there were no carriages that were filled over the top with items as usual. We are sure we now know what they mean by Consumer Confidence Spending index and we witnessed it is down, noticeably down.

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