Just admit it Vista Blows

Sales of computers are dropping by the day. Microsoft on Thursday reported dismal second-quarter results. They also announced they would layoff 5% of the workforce about 5,000 people. It is extremely rare for Microsoft to lose money in a quarter. This quarter which ended on the 31st of December they reported 11% drop. They commented that they think consumer and business spending cutbacks could last for years and set a new low base for sales. They blamed everything but what the real problem happened to be. They claimed the issues are changing trends in the PC market, problems with Web search and or cloud computing. We would like to add to the list small computers called netbook that are cheap but running open source O/S because it is small and not bloated like the Microsoft products. You do need as much horsepower to run keeping the machine lighter and cheaper. We are just amazed that they will not admit for the hype and expectations Vista is a dog, This is the reason people are switching to Apple, trying Linux or staying at Windows XP. The corporate environment sure has not embraced Vista and public sector has been forced as only new machines are shipping with Vista. You can buy a downgrade license at purchase from some vendors to have XP installed on your new machine. We know everyone is in a down turn but we think Microsoft should be ahead between XBOX360 and new PC sales that fault lies in Vista more than they are willing to admit.

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W. Axl Rose Madagascar (2008)

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