Oh were saying something!

If you are regular reader of this site you know we like point out media bias. We know we said we would give President Obama a pass in the first 100 days, which is more than left leaning people did for President Bush in either term. We do not want to point out how in the tank for President Obama that Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper are when they commented that even President Obama penmanship is nice. We will not say anything about how Maureen Dowd called the moment President Obama had taken the oath the day the earth stood still. We will not say anything about the little logo on the lower left of the screen on NBC, CNN, ABC, or CBS that reads hope or new beginning, when four years ago it was a nation divided. What we will talk about is yesterday President Bush gave a speech addressing his day after sort of a thing. Fox was the only television station that covered it. We know it is President Obama’s time, but if you can remember eight years ago, they followed President Clinton around as well as new elected President Bush. There was even a split screen following President Bush while President Clinton at an Andrew Air Force base hanger at a party with his staff. Remember though when they tell you there is no bias it is only your perception. National Debt 1/20/1999  5,616,950,859,308.91
National Debt 1/20/2009 10,627,708,753,691.49

Countdown to 51st Grammy Awards: 17 days
Countdown to Baseball Pitchers & Catchers 23 days
Countdown to 78th Oscar Awards: 31 days

Sorry for you You’ve got no heart
You can’t see All that you’ve done for me
know the reasons You tear me apart
W. Axl Rose Sorry(2008)

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