Google cant save Newspaper

Even Google Inc is giving up on the newspaper industry. They have scraped the two-year project of selling print ads for the newspaper industry. The idea was to help newspapers with a new revenue stream as more advertisers have shifted spending to the Internet. The advertisers would be allowed to bid online to fill the unsold spaces in newspapers that joined the system, and then publishers could accept or deny the offers. Google as much as admitted that the model they used online was not working for the print industry and will stop the program effective February 28. The system was gaining steam as there are about 800 newspapers using the system. They said they are committed to help the newspaper industry but it is probably more an online help then keeping the print editions alive. The funny thing is more people are reading newspaper then ever before, they are just no paying for them. They are picking and choosing as well a news story from one city paper then get a sports story from another. There is also a trend to get local news from a national story, where you read what the New York papers are saying about the Mets or Los Angeles Times about the governor’s race. There is something to be said for that but not if you have to pay for it, newspapers tried to make subscriptions work and it failed as MSN and Yahoo cleaned up using the AP. Within this century the print edition may no longer be needed and freedom of the press and printed articles that America was founded using could only be a memory in a museum as podcasts, and kindle, led us into the brave new information world.

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