President Bush Accomplishments

Since this is the last weekend of the President Bush administration, we would like to look back at the accomplishments that will go down in history under his watch. He spoke last night for the last time and we wonder how history will look back on his administration.

There was a collaboration of American and British forces in Afghanistan that joined with local anti-Taliban troops in an assault on the al Qaeda network and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

He completed the Passage of the USA Patriot Act

He Created the Department of Homeland Security

Responsible for liberating the Iraqi people and ended the murderous regime of Saddam Hussein

Confirmed Judge John Roberts to the Supreme Court

Signed into law CAFTA hoping to help U.S. workers and create New Markets for American Goods.

He signed into law the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act.

He signed into law a Bankruptcy Reform Bill that makes the system fairer for Creditors and Debtors.

Found funding and stuck to the promise of No Child Left Behind.

Tax Relief; Repeal the Death Tax, signed into law at least until 2010.

There has not been an attack inside our borders in 8 years.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 4 days

National Debt 1/14/1999 5,617,728,448,220.89
National Debt 1/14/2009 10,605,968,804,933.43

Countdown to 51st Grammy Awards: 23 days
Countdown to 78th Oscar Awards: 37 days

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