Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner Do as I say not as I do

President-elect Barack Obama choice for Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has turned into quite an interesting choice. He has played a key role within the US Federal Reserve helping with reducing the impact of the economic crisis. Two developments maybe cause for concern before his meeting before the Senate Finance Committee on Friday. The man, who will be put in charge of the IRS and Taxes among other things, seems to have problem paying them. When he worked at the International Monetary Fund he failed to pay self-employment payroll taxes from 2001-04, in case you did not know this is FICA or Social Security tax. To say this is an oversight is bogus; he was trying to get away without paying. If a 16-year-old working at a checkout counter making minimum wage get a check that has no FICA taken out she would know instantly. When he was audited by the IRS in 2006, feel sorry for the person that signed off on that when he meets his new boss. He cleared up this in 2006 as he paid tax and interest of $17,230 and the IRS waived any penalties. The new find out he did the same thing in 2001-2, which the Obama team made him pay another $25,970 in back-taxes and interest. There is another charge about an illegal house worker can any say Zoey Baird? Things like this are sickening because if you or I owe 52,000 to the IRS they are taking your house. This guy does not even get a penalty and he get to watch over the Department he shows such little regard for the tax code, the law, and the country as whole.
Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 6 days 

National Debt 1/12/1999 5,618,011,217,966.52
National Debt 1/12/2009 10,609,790,681,008.44 

Countdown to 51st Grammy Awards: 25 days
Countdown to 78th Oscar Awards: 39 days

Now they surround you
And all that amounts to 
Is love that you fed by 
Perversion and pain
W. Axl Rose Prostitute (2008)

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