Rabbit Ear Nation

In just under six weeks the analog signal will be shut off from broadcasters and moving forward only transmits in digital. This does not seem like a big deal as there has been plenty of notice and everybody has cable, right? Well guess what, there are as many as eight million households in the United States that use rabbit ears to watch television. This is even a bigger problem because the Commerce Department has run out of money for the free converter box coupons. This is leading to television viewers who do not have cable or satellite service or a TV with a digital tuner need these boxes to keep the older analog television from going to snow. The Obama transition team wants Congress to delay the February 17 date for the analog shutoff. There are a few other issues this switch over brings like the limit from the FCC that only one High Definition station per market. There will be folks who live closer to one metropolis then anther that will lose HD channels for their home state in favor of another. The number of home that is watching television with an antenna is much higher then we imagined. These are the people that are stuck watching the major nets, lame sitcoms, strict language restrictions and worst of all the national news. This explains where the ratings for the nightly are coming from, people with no options.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 11 days
Countdown to 66th Golden Globe Awards: Tomorrow
Countdown to 51st Grammy Awards 30 days
Countdown to 78th Oscar Awards: 44 days

Feelin’ like I’m done way more than wrong
Feelin’ like I’m livin’ inside of this song
Feelin’ like I’m just too tired to care
Feelin’ like I done more than my share
W. Axl Rose I.R.S. (2008)

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