Who picks Microsoft over Google

Word came out today that Verizon Communications has chosen Microsoft as the Internet search services for their cell phone network. This is bad news for Yahoo as Google can take the hit, but it is a jump up for Microsoft. Verizon Wireless will be the largest U.S. mobile carrier after the completion of the purchase of Alltel. This announcement will be given by Chief Executive Steve Ballmer at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We feel that this makes the iPhone a tremendously better product as you do not have to worry about those switching to Microsoft. Is there anybody that believes that search from Microsoft is anywhere on the same level as Google. So there will be people with a Verizon phone that need to switch the default browser search to Google. The king of the hill is Google and we believe that because when we search Tea512 on Google we see this blog, when we search on Microsoft they list teapots. We are not biased but that little test made us Google people.

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