MySpace user busted again

Another MySpace/FaceBook person busted for thinking posting pictures of themselves is not on WWW (World Wide Web). Stop me if you heard something like this before. A 21-year-old female from Saint Paul Minnesota is the latest victim of her own stupidity. The girls’ ex-boyfriend apartment had been vandalized at three different times. The inside of the house was splattered with paint, the next time the place was filled with trash, and finally just other reckless damage. These events all happened after the break up so the boyfriend accused his ex. She denied the claims saying he had no proof. The police found that she had posted pictures of her deed on her MySpace page. She is now on the run as there is a warrant out for her arrest. When will people ever learn that the Internet is a vast place that everything you do will be traced back to you?

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 14 days 

National Debt 1/5/1999 5,609,529,098,608.49

National Debt 1/5/2009 10,635,512,060,907.16Countdown to 66th Golden Globe Awards: 4 days
Countdown to 51st Grammy Awards: 33 days
Countdown to 78th Oscar Awards: 47 days

Sands of time and desert winds
Nomads and Barbarians
I won’t bend my will to them
You aggravate me
W. Axl Rose Riad N’ the Bedouins (2008)

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