Massachusetts Cigarette Tax

This is local story but everyone must feel it. Well that is everyone that smokes. We do not smoke or want to attempt to glorify the habit. This story is about waiting in a store for milk. The local grocery was closed as it was after 10pm. The little ones needed milk for breakfast, so off I go into the night. When you go into the convenience store, you expect to wait behind lottery ticket buyers. In Massachusetts, the only legal gambling is where the state can make 100% of the profit. On this night, there was only one customer ahead of me and she asked for a pack of cigarettes. The cost was $6.30, which she said, was cheaper then she thought it would be. We could not believe what we heard so we researched a little, the tax on smokes in Massachusetts after Governor Deval Patrick signed into law a bill that increases the tax to $2.51 on July 4, 2008. Quick math revealed that this person just paid 31 and half cent per butt. There is nothing like taxing the people with the littlest amount of income to pay. Could they not have come up with a $5.00 tax for caviar? How about $2.00 a gallon boat gas tax? They may force more people to quit smoking but it is shame the state can tax the citizens to death without any regard of class bias.

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National Debt 12/29/1998 5,595,994,336,765.74
National Debt 12/30/2008 10,553,014,664,691.60

If there’s nothing I can gain from this,
or anything at all,
it’d be the knowledge that ya gave me,
when I thought I had it all
W. Axl Rose There was a Time(2008)

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