Welcome to 2009

We added a categories section to the top right of the blog. This has been requested for sometime and we are glad to deliver. You can now click to a list of the Computer, software & internet posts, these will keep you up to date with current state of affairs off all things PC. Cool Web Deals category has the posts about websites we have reviewed or have found as offering something special. The Economy Post has to deal with topics like oil, banks, jobs, and all thing currency. The entertainment posts are about Hollywood and include music, movies and TV. The healthcare section deals with posts for products that are going to help your wellness in body and mind. Odd News is the stories that are just off the wall and hard to believe. Personal Rants are just that and can be about anything but they do not fall under a particular category. Politics are the bread and butter of the site and why we do what we do. These post lean to the right but will call a spade a spade on both sides. The last section is the most people based on clicks the Women of the Week is a super hot sexy girl and what she has done to get there. We also try to say what she has that is new and not out yet. We also include a super hot sexy photo, these will always happen on Monday morning from January to November then at the end of the year we chart them as the tea512 51 smokin sasses of the year.

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