The tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

After much debate and battling, we can now release the list. Remember these are based on doing something in 2008, jumping on to the radar from nowhere, maintaining your sassiness from 2007, being hot, making sure we know you are hot. Here is the list from 51 to 1.

51 Shakira She did nothing of note in 2008 but is still as hot as they come.
50 Angelina Jolie drops on the list, as she did not have any sexual charged roles in 2008.
49 Hilary Duff this her first time on the list as she has come on the radar as she has grown up.
48 Gwen Stefani this was an off year as she spent most of it at home.
47 Salma Hayek she falls on the list but is still smokin and has been a staple over the years.
46 Kate Hudson falls on he list as well but has had a great run and is still beautiful.
45 Shania Twain based on her appearance at the CMA she has returned to the list.
44 Amanda Bynes this cutie rocks the red carpet with a small black dress with killer legs.
43 Brittany Snow this her third appearance, as she gets more attractive every year.
42 Reese Witherspoon falls to her lowest spot ever but still in high demand in Hollywood.
41 Rachel Bilson drops a few spots, as she did not work much in 08.
40 Neve Campbell returns to the list with her role in I really hate me job.
39 Jennifer Garner another drop from lack of spotlight still one to watch.
38 Evangeline Lilly appeal is dropping she is the hottest person ever Lost.
37 Mandy Moore she has taken 08 off and dropped even with her girl next door looks.
36 Christina Milian very pretty girl who feature is on the way up.
35 Heather Graham was in six movies in 08.The best was Adrift in Manhattan
34 Mena Suvari three films in 08 including Stuck propel this beauty higher.
33 Jennifer Lopez not much happened on 08 but she is still dripping sexy sweet.
32 Jessica Simpson this has been dropping every year but you cannot deny the hotness.
31 Eliza Dushku Another great years with two new sexy roles.
30 Christina Ricci drops for Speed Racer because the year before was Black Snake Moan
29 Amy Smart her stock is rising and 08 it continues upward after smokin hot in Mirrors
28 Amy Adams another great year as she shines in Doubt, and wicked hot in Miss Pettigrew.
27 Fergie drops as not much happening work wise but 09 see her return with the BEP
26 Eva Longoria another good year as she adds a hot performance in Over Her Dead Body
25 Christina Aguilera she drops down but has surfaced late in the year looking great
24 Sophie Monk rising with a three great roles in 2008 including Sex and Death 101
23 Minka Kelly drops this year as FNL and her movie roles kept her away from spotlight
22 Keira Knightley drops as she had a quiet year with only one release
21 Leona Lewis first time on the list she is smoking hot and talented watch out
20 Hayden Panettierre the stage is set for her to only get bigger as a music career, movie roles and the TV show should be the same in 2009
19 Roselyn Sanchez she is the hottest riser on the chart as she sexy, beautiful and has a banging body.
18 Ashanti moves up with her new release Declaration and the hot videos. Her long legs, great attitude maker her a presence on the screen.
17 Anna Faris she makes the second biggest jump after he totally hot role in House Bunny and the appearances leading up to the movie opening. She is super cute and wicked hot.
16 Kelli Pickler this girl has come along way since AI, with a pretty face and voluptuous cures se has become a must act whenever she appears on the screen
15 Vanessa Hudgens first time on the list as she finally passed 18, we have been a big fan since nude photos showed just how hot she is, this HSM star is going to go along way.
14 Jessica Alba she lights up the screen with sexy and 2008 was no change she drops a couple pegs as her roles were not smoking but any time you see Jessica is a good time.
13 Nicole Scherzinger this PCD is so sexy, there are other dolls but it is tough to notice them when she is around. She places this high because when you say that you know the girl is hot.
12 Shannon Elizabeth a great year for her in 08. She shined on DWTS and was able to show off her long legs and great body on a weekly basis, got to love a low cut – high skirt ball gown.
11 Alicia Keys great year for her as she demonstrated she can still write and sing songs but she can rock the red carpet and looks pretty hot playing live as well.
10 Mischa Barton she missed a year on the list but back in full force after her ole in the move close to the Ring. She is young, pretty, beautiful eyes and fun to watch
9 Carrie Underwood this one is no brainer as this one has it all talent pretty face great body extremely successful and will be on the list for a long time.

8 Halle Berry some woman just get better with age, this is definitely one of those. She has a smile that can light up a room. She has a great body and even though she did little in 2008 she is still very highly ranked which says a lot about her.
7 Rihanna There is little to explain why she is so high on the list in 2008 she killed us with videos that dripped sex, songs that where everywhere including a hot duet with Maroon Five. She killed at he MTV awards and is a red carpet darling.
6 Megan Fox This is another young up and comer in Hollywood she was outstanding in Transformers and has made quite the impression with her acting skills. She has a great body and a beautiful face that lights up on the big screen.
5 Katherine Heigl This girl is a knockout and in 2008 she had another banner year. She continued on TV in Greys Anatomy, and was paid big money for 27 Dresses. We enjoy her work and feel like she is a girl we would love to hang out with, and she is gorgeous from head to toe.
4 Mariah Carey This girl has a great body and she love to show to off and we cannot help from looking. 2008 was another great year for her music as she sings too. She is the definition of a diva and she looks and plays the part to a tee.
3 Scarlet Johannson There is nothing needed to be said about #3. This year she killed in The Other Boleyn Girl and Vicky. She is dynamic and smoldering hot on the movie screen she is the kind of girl that screams movie star without saying a word.
2 Beyonce is the hottest sass in the music business. She released a new CD but her work in commercials, movies, the tree lighting, today show, was sexy and top notch. She is smoking hot with a great body she is true perfection as there is not a curve out of place.
1 Charlize Theron is the hottest sass in the movie business. She had another great year of movies with Hankcock and a super hot sexy role Sleepwalking. She is a phenomenal actress that is both beautiful and super sexy.

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