To Nuke or Not to Nuke that is the question

Turns out an important national security decision is going to be facing President-elect Obama. Who during the campaign was looking for a world without nuclear weapons? He must decide the fate of the Oak Ridge, Tennessee remote valley location of factories, where workers enriched uranium for the first atomic bomb of World War II. The decision is to focus on either maintaining existing warheads and storing uranium or begin a new production enterprise building the first new U.S. warheads since the end of the Cold War. This is not only at Oak Ridge as there are seven other research and manufacturing compounds nationwide that make up the U.S. nuclear weapons production complex. The issue is set to come to a head early in Obama presidency. This decision is not just about nuclear weapons, it is more about nuclear proliferation and the US entire 21st-century nuclear strategy. The new warhead plan is to make them so they cannot be stolen and used by others. The US has signed a nuclear test ban treaty, this has made officially wonder about the power of the stock piled weapons. We know that Great Britain, France, Russia, and China are modernizing their nuclear arsenals, for us to fall behind or left in the dark is a calculated mistake. This of course would be a multibillion-dollar program to produce new warheads without knowing if the old ones do not work. A side from the fact this one of those issues that make Presidents go gray and begin to look old, this also turns back to why would anybody want to be President at this time?

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 42 days
National Debt 12/7/1998 5,599,622,890,499.18
National Debt 12/5/2008 10,653,271,333,099.91

Some may convince you
No one can break through
I’m here to tell you
You’re worth more than they tell you
W. Axl Rose Scraped (2008)

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Ashanti Pure Passion and Fire


Today we celebrate the women of the week. The recipient is Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas or as we know her Ashanti. She was born on October 13, 1980 in Glen Cove , New York. She was a born singer and dancer from the age of six. When she was fourteen in 1994, she started a bidding war between Bad Boy Records and Jive Records. She signed with neither as the deal with Bad Boy was a bad contract for her, and Jive only saw her as a pop singer. She did sign with Epic Records in 1998 but was a low priority on the radar and the deal went nowhere. She started penning hooks and recording them with rap artists, which she sang with JaRule, Jennifer Lopez, and Fat Joe. In 2002, she released her debut album that sold over 500,000 copies in the first week. She had three songs in the top ten singles at one time. The album earned her many awards, including eight Billboard Music Awards, two American Music Awards, and a Grammy Award. She has sold over six million albums from her four releases worldwide as a solo artist. She has written songs for many artists as well as a book of poetry. She has moved into acting as you could see from her work in her videos that this was a natural transition. She has been in the movies Coach Carter, Bollywood, Bride and Prejudice, John Tucker Must Die, and Resident Evil: Extinction. Her next movie project is she will be in the movie You’re Nobody till Somebody Kills You slated for a 2009 release. Ashanti is one very talented lady and at only 28 years old she will be around a long time. She is the women of the week because she just drips style and it is so sticky sweet you cannot remove your eyes from her. She has a smoking hot body, long legs, and a very appealing facial appearance.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 43 days
National Debt 12/4/1998 5,598,758,049,805.53
National Debt 12/4/2008 10,653,883,024,152.87

When all is said and done
We’re not the only ones
Who look at life this way
That’s what the old folks say
W. Axl Rose Catcher in the Rye(2008)

23 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

Obama’s inauguration price tag vs opulence

So here we are in the middle – end or beginning of a very unstable market. Unemployment numbers are on a rise not seen in over thirty years. So what will people expect during President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration. So will Obama let the champagne and caviar flow during the big day? The Obama camp will try to sell it as not just as a celebration of the election, but as a time for people to come together and celebrate their common values and shared aspirations and goals. There has not been many details released as of yet. We were wondering if they would be using the Greek temple props from the DNC speech. This is not a democrat / republican thing either; President George W. Bush had a $42 million second inauguration. This did not include the millions spent by the government on security. The question is in this time do we want a rock star for President or a man of the people? Maybe a hybrid of both but this is a question that will come right out of the gate it always does. If Obama spends north of 76 million on the inauguration he will face some heat on week one as the number comes out. Even the great Republican President Ronald Reagan set the standard in the 1981 inauguration, First lady Nancy Reagan wore a $10,000 gown to the three-hour gala that had a performance by Frank Sinatra.

Drop the Calculator pick up an Shovel

President-elect Barack Obama is talking about creating the largest public works construction program to bring around the troubled economy. This is in response to the number 533,000 which is the amount of jobs lost in November. This brings the number up to two million over the last year. This is a government-directed industrial policy, with lawmakers and administration officials picking projects and investing large amounts of taxpayer money on them. Obama said he would invest record amounts of money in the vast infrastructure program. So we understand it is clear Obama intends to stimulate the economy through large direct government spending on infrastructure projects. We do not how many of the people that lost work are actual hard labor workers. The reason we are fearful this plan is just another money grab for unions is based on the kind of jobs we are talking about. In the 30’s when unemployment reached 33% people were desperate for work and would swing a hammer, we are just not sure of the 533,000 people that lost their job are will swing a pick in the hot sun 10 hours a day. We need to look at what jobs are being cut before we create a fit for workers that do not exist. Does it not feel that most of those workers that were laid off from the financial sector, are these the people that will rebuild the roads and bridges?

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 44 days

National Debt 12/4/1998 5,598,758,049,805.53
National Debt 12/4/2008 10,653,883,024,152.87

If there’s something I can make of this,
or anything at all,
it’d be the devil hates a loser
and you thought you had it all
W. Axl Rose There was a Time (2008)

24 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

Action AllStars Sports-themed Virtual World

We are always looking for a safe, free, and fun, website for the kids. We came across a site called Action AllStars Sports-themed Virtual World which happens to fit the build of all three requirements. You can sign up for a free account and create your own avatar. One of the best things about the site is they have major license partnership from the MLB and the NBA. The setup was easy and you have control over chat options as well as the need for a parent email address. The activation email was sent instantly which is always a plus. The virtual world is a cool place as you can move all around and even visit the stores in the city. We enjoyed basket ball as the screen shot below shows the tea512 Celtics putting a smack down on the Suns. The game play is easy as you use the keyboard and it was easy to explain the kids as they played things like baseball, tag, racing, hoops, and just walking around the city. Everyone in the family created an avatar and found something they liked playing. The ages were five, six and fourteen. This was really fun and entertaining a lot of these avatar website for kids we find to be to busy which can get confusing for younger users. This site was very straight forward and the keyword fun. You never know how these things will go today hot flavor is only a memory tomorrow. This is a good one though as there was no plug-ins to load it ran an older slow laptop and high performance PC about the same. If you got kids who want to use a computer this is a cool place to let them go as it is fun for them and easy to navigate, but best of very little strain on the parent for setup and playing time.

Why is it called Tea512? 1/2 answer

Today is December 5, regular readers now that this spot came alive on December 5 and has been reversed for the moniker Tea512. There are many important things about December 5, in 1933, National Prohibition ended, which is the most important. There are other things which include London auctioneers Christie’s hold their 1st sale(1766), Phi Beta Kappa was organized (1776), Both Washington, Jefferson, Jackson re-elected (1792,1804,1832), Gold Rush of 1848 confirming that gold had been discovered in California, First electric car (1893), First US nudist organization (1929), Merger between AFO-CIO (1955), Newt Gingrich named speaker of the House (1994). People that were born on this day include Walt Disney, Pope Julius II, Little Richard, Morgan J. Freeman, Jim Plunkett, and Calvin Trillin. Therefore, if you ever wondered where the name tea12 came from a hint is that is based on this day, written as the English would write a date. That is the only clue, as we will enlighten you at another time on why the rest of the name is what it is. Enjoy your December 5 as we at the office will and thanks to 12/5/1933, the drinking light is now on. Cheers.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 46 days National Debt 12/3/1998 5,598,900,714,210.85
National Debt 12/3/2008 10,675,932,885,390.22

If the world would end today
All the dreams we had would all just drift away, oh
No, there’s nothing more to say
If the world would end and all loves drift away
W. Axl Rose If the World (2008) 

26 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

David Gregory – Say it aint so

Well no matter how hard we try, as well as others the inevitable is about to happen, NBC lead White House correspondent, David Gregory, is about to be named the permanent host of Meet the Press. The Former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw who has been the moderator since the death of long-time host Tim Russert in June last broadcast is this week with an interview of President-elect Barack Obama. David Gregory has worked at NBC for 13 years and would be a horrible choice as his does not have the skill of an interviewer to ask the tough questions in a non-condescending way. This will be his biggest obstacle and keep potential guests from coming on the show. This is really a shame as we had mentioned before the host of names that would be a better fit. They included in no particular order Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Gwen Ifill, and even Ted Koppel. The decision needs to be made and it was obvious the choice of Brokaw was because no candidate seemed strong enough. The catastrophic prediction for NBC will be the show will plummet and the sponsors will run to ABC or CBS. The once staple of where politicians came to get the true story out will fade into the sunset as it can only be a shell of it’s former self.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 47 days

National Debt 12/2/1998   5,607,927,299,073.65
National Debt 12/2/2008 10,685,166,611,275.20

What I thought was true before
Were lies I couldn’t see
What I thought was beautiful is only memories
W. Axl Rose Street of Dreams (2008)

27 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

Between a Rock and an Obama Place

Defense Secretary Robert Gates could not wait for 1/20/09 to ride off into the sunset, back to Washington state. Those plans were put on hold from Jump Street as the Barack Obama team stated he would be helpful for the transition. Talk about being the only one in a group, he is the lone Republican in the cabinet. So we find out his Obama agenda is slightly different then his Bush agenda. He seems to be open to accelerating the withdrawal from Iraq and closing Guantanamo Bay. So the 16 month timetable Obama was touting through the campaign might actual come true. He did say these would be based on security conditions and only pull forces out conscientiously. The latest security agreement with Iraq aims for troops to be out of the cities by next June 30 and out of the country by Jan. 1, 2012. He did say he wanted to make sure congress did not let any of the Guantanamo Bay detainees allowed into the US. There is nothing like getting a new boss that is the polar opposite of the old boss. The problem is the we hope the Republican Robert Gates will not have to bite his lips when he is at the table with Obama and Clinton. This is truly an odd position to be put in and we are sure on only a military person could handle based on love of the country as opposed to the view of the President they serve. Gates has served under eight different Presidents during his service for the country.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 48 days

National Debt 12/1/1998 5,608,159,580,455.89
National Debt 12/1/2008 10,681,135,920,463.07

So bittersweet, this tragedy won’t ask for absolution,
This melody inside of me, still searches for solution,
W. Axl Rose Better (2008)

28 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

Hang some Bells on that Prius

We work in the city and the only way to get around is foot traffic. This city is full of little alleys and hidden spots. So when you leave the building for lunch, run an errand, or getting to the transit system there is a new obstacle. Crossing against the traffic has always been hard, nobody lets you go and they will come inches away from you if you get in their way. There is a new problem a foot the quiet electric hybrid prius. In just the last three weeks, we have had four incidents reported of these tree-hugging folks pulling out of somewhere and almost striking a pedestrian because the pedestrian could not hear them coming. The city is loud and there is always a lot going on, but these cars are so quiet they have become a danger. So if you are one of these save the whale, do not eat meat, tree hugging Prius owners we would ask that you hang some bells on your car. This way we can hear you coming, it does not have to be a cowbell, or a jingle bell, but something so your battery operated car does not kill one of us. Thanks.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 49 days 
National Debt 11/28/1998 5,603,956,518,285.54
National Debt 11/28/2008 10,661,174,903,807.68

I’ve got a wicked demon who somehow never fades
I’ve got an empty feeling I won’t be home today
W. Axl Rose Shackler’s Revenge (2008)

29 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

Eliza Dushku gamey minx


The week we celebrate the “women of the week” giving Eliza Patricia Dushku the honor. She was born December 30, 1980 in Watertown, Massachusetts her first professional role was at the age of ten. She was cast in the 1993 movie That Night. She landed a role in This Boys Life, True Lies, Bye, Bye Love, and Race the Sun. These movies had her working along big name actors like DeNiro, DiCaprio, Jamie Lee Curtis, Schwarzenegger, Halle Berry, and Jim Belushi. This all happened before her sophomore year at high school. She then took a couple of years off to finish. She then turned to the small screen as she took the role of Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was originally cast for a five show run in the third season but by popular demand, she stayed on the whole season. She played the role in season four, then moved the first season of Angel and then back for the final five shows of Buffy. In 2000, she moved back to the big screen and in the Movie City by the Sea; she gained a wider respect for her acting ability. In 2005, she took her first crack at an off Broadway production of Dog sees God. She has also been seen in music videos for Simple Plan and Nickleback. She has been the voice credit in two video games Yakuza and Saints Row 2. She is also set to star in a new series called Dollhouse, created by Joss Whedon set to premiere February 2009 on FOX. We have loved many movies that Eliza has been part of some of our favorites are Bring it On, Wrong Turn, The Last Supper, and Sex and Breakfast. Eliza is supper hot and from our home state, we have enjoyed watching her career flourish and see no end in sight. She is talented and versatile as well as not afraid to go from big screen to small, music videos and video games if it has a goes story she will get on board. We wish nothing but the best for her.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 50 days

It don’t really matter
Guess I’ll keep it to myself
Said it don’t really matter
It’s time I look around for somebody else
W. Axl Rose Chinese Democracy (2008)

30 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008