Tax MP3 Downloads

This week New York Governer David A. Paterson has flirted with the idea of taxing the download of songs. Just when people were getting comfortable with the idea of paying for music the government is looking for a cut. It was not long ago Napster made music free, and then the RIAA stepped in and enforced the copyright laws to shut down this stream. There is still plenty of music stealing going on around the web as most new releases can be downloaded illegally pretty much the day they come out. There are even a bunch of freeware tools to play music from a group’s website and as you listen online you can record the output to an mp3. The New York proposal is to add a four percent sales tax on online downloads of music, ring tones, games, movies and other media from online retailers. They also added pay-per-view movies sold by cable television providers to the list. The law if passed would go into effect in June changing iTunes songs from .99 to 1.04. They are not the first state to do this but it is based on location of receipt. So if the Apple server was in New Hampshire a tax free state and you down load a song to the café on Seventh avenue you pay the tax. The blur is if you are not in New York but your registered Apple account knows you are a resident you will pay the tax. What happens if I am downloading the song in New Hampshire based on when they tax me in New York they should not tax me in NH. We just feel the more they try to tax the internet the more they are forcing some to revert back to illegal downloading.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 31 days

If they were missionaries
Real time visionaries
Sitting in a Chinese stew
To view my dis-in-fat-u-ation
W. Axl Rose Chinese Democracy (2008)

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Ecost – Horrible Website

Well today we want to vent on a website that has ruined Christmas. They make offers they do not back up and this time of the year it is disgusting. They have what they call bargain clearance items. You put the item in a cart and check out. We found two iPod 1st generation that would make great gifts for the little ones as they were only $40.00 a pop. We placed the order and was pretty happy to be shopping online. Two days go by and we log into the site to check the progress of the shipement. The order was placed on backorder, without notification. So we needed to call them for a status update, they confessed they would not be shipped for 4 or 5 weeks. So how does a company take orders for products that are not on the shelf? How do they not notify the customer the order is backordered? How can they say they are going to get these old iPods that Apple does not make these units anymore? We could not have been more irate and was really let down by the site. They claim the orders are coming so fast they cannot distinguish between in stock and out of stock items. This of course does not stop them from charging the credit card and placing an order into backorder status without a notification. This is not handled the same way at Amazon as the running inventory system is top notch. We also found the smaller site eToys to be well run and function correctly by telling out of stock items added to cart during shopping. The eCost experience was horrible and not a recommended site from the group at Tea512.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 32 days 

National Debt 12/17/1998 5,588,014,790,426.31
National Debt 12/17/2008 10,655,552,067,433.77

What would you say If I told you that I’m to blame?
And what would you do If I had to deny your name?
W. Axl Rose Prostitute (2008) Used 12/17/08

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Tom Cruise would change nothing

Since power has been restored, we probably stay up way to late. We are watching TV shows that we would never usually watch, they are either background noise or as glee from the fact we can actually watch the TV. We wound up watching a show with someone interviewing Tom Cruise. This person Tom Cruise is a great actor, a definite on screen presence, to bad as a human being he is an idiot. The first part of the interview was about him and the guy from the Today show Matt Lauer kiss and make up session, the next part was about the new movie Vakyrie. The last part was the interviewer asked him if there were one feature about him, he would change. Will stop right there look yourself up and down anything you want to change? Then let us imagine we were a huge movie box office star with vast amounts of money, so you had the ability to change something would you? These are great questions that can only be answered truthfully by each individual and if you became a huge movie star. We looked our self up and down deciding to change at least three things without thinking more than a second. Start with losing 20 pounds, making another part bigger, and a nose job. This does not get into teeth, hair, or vision. Now you check yourself out anything. Well if you were Tom Cruise a multimillion-dollar box office star, you would answer the question, nothing. He maybe great looking, he maybe at perfect, but his personality is off the grid. How about changing the way people think off you as nut based on scientology. What do I know it seemed like a lay-up question and his answer made me think he is an arrogant self-induced freak show as a human being.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 34 daysNational Debt 12/15/1998 5,580,235,192,012.15
National Debt 12/15/2008 10,655,601,512,061.19

What would you say if I told you that I’m to blame?
And what would you do if I had to deny your name?
Where would you go if I told you I loved you,
and then walked away?
W. Axl Rose This is Love (2008)

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Back in Business

Power has been restored and all is back to normal. The funny thing about having no power is how you need it to find out about updates. The electric company had called my home several times to update the situation. This is great except with digital phone service there was no power to receive the call. They set up a great website called storm central telling you about the homes in your area without power and an estimate of return to service. If you have no power, you have very little chance of reading a web page. The customer service calls were closed and handed of to an auto attendant. This you could call form anywhere and was very accurate and updated often. So we find once again just the same as during 9/11 the cell phone is the most powerful gadget you own. This is providing you have a way to keep it charged. The cell phone towers never went out service, which they did during Katrina so that is the only example we can remember when even a cell phone was of no use. So we look forward to picking up and moving their stacks of paper piled high on all desks as the to do list from before Friday has had many items taken of and of course we have done nothing to take any off. We could not do anything by candlelight and wondered how Benjamin Franklin accomplished so much this way. Well onward and upward, as the holiday season is fast approaching and we are all a weekend behind.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 35 days
National Debt 12/12/1998 5,599,911,911,556.60
National Debt 12/12/2008 10,597,068,737,927.10

Forgive them that tear down my soul
Bless them that they might grow old
And free them so that they may know
That it’s never too late
W. Axl Rose Madagascar (2008)

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Magic SEO URL Enhancement

We were checking out Magic SEO URL for CRE Loaded. This is a CRE Loaded SEO enhancement for one of the most used free ecommerce solution. Everyone who is reading this is obsessed with Search Engine Optimazation (SEO) we all want t be a higher. If you are not viewed in the top 10 sites from a search, you might as well not be listed at all. Magic SEO URL for CRE Loaded offers more SEO functionality and features than any competing SEO enhancement product available! That is why Magic SEO URL for CRE Loaded is needed but it is also superior to similar SEO solutions for a number of reasons. The best one is it changes dynamic URLs to static and well-structured SEO friendly formats. Why is that so important, well it can help improve Search Engine rankings. Another great feature from this product is that it includes verification and validation of each URL, supports safe changing of URLs and redirections from all rewritten CRE Loaded URLs, operates at high speed without negative effects to server load or response time, and prevents duplicate content penalties. This product supports heavily modified CRE Loaded shopping carts, website indexing by web crawlers in multiple languages, and it will not break any installed CRE Loaded add-ons, modules or templates/themes. You wrap all this up with the easy installation requiring only one line of code and the free installation service you have found a winner.

Power is still out day 4

So we have now been without power for over 98 hours we are living out of suitcases. The staff is staying a hotels or relative near by. This is crazy there are some streets with power others are not. The timing is horrible as people are complaining about last minute shopping and not being home for three days. You here stories of how people coup without heat, some have generators, some have gas stoves, one person said he uses his gas grill propane tank. The biggest thing we notice as we are in the library again, about 10 miles south from the outage area. Is how connected and plugged into the grid we are, cell phones need charging, laptop batteries run down, ipod loses life. We have spent most of the time searching for ways to charge things we cannot use at the office. My best friend has been the itouch as it holds a charge a long time. It finds wi-fi spots for my laptop so it does not need to be turned on until one is available. Music can get you through anything and having a new Guns N Roses CD could not have come at a better time. The cell phone has a car charger so we can run out to the car crank the heat, charge the phone get the update. Last night they were over 100,000 homes without power in the area the last report is we will have power by 8pm tonight. No one is holding their breath though.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 36 days

National Debt 12/10/1998 5,599,911,911,556.60
National Debt 12/11/2008 10,597,885,059,458.78
Would it even matter the things that I’d say
You made your mind up and gone anyway
And there’s no use now in dragging it on
Should’ve seen it coming all along
W. Axl Rose I.R.S. (2008) 

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New Book- Hidden Millionaires

Here is a cool last second gift for anyone on your list. The new book “The Hidden Millionaire: Twelve Principles to Uncovering the Entrepreneur in You”. It is available at The book author Hidden Millionaires – Anthony Morrison who has launched eleven companies, and each of them has became hugely successful. In this book Morrison has incorporating into each chapter a life lesson for the aspiring entrepreneur. There are great stories about as a child selling candy to purchase a Jacuzzi for his family. As well as the highly profitable baseball memorabilia business he formed in his early teens. The steps and what led him to start his first business in college. This is a great read for anyone looking to start a business or read about someone who was never afraid to grab the golden ring. Anthony Morrison has been interviewed by CNN, Fox 9 News and Growing Wealth Magazine. These are posted ,on his site as well for your review. The book is Part memoir, and part inspirational guide. The Hidden Millionaire provides real principles, the reader through the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurial endeavors. The Hidden Millionaire provides the reader with access to Morrison’s life story and insight into the means by which anyone can be successful as an entrepreneur.

$70.00 an hour WTF

So the bailout for US automakers goes south today. We find out that there is counter offer on the table that asks the AWU to decrease there members salary from $70 an hour to the $40 an hour, because that what the workers in the US who make BMW and Toyota’s are getting paid. Did you know these folks were making $70 an hour? Did you know that there was a increase added for District Judges to get a 2.8% raise in pay from the $169,000 a year they make now. This was added to the House bill which died in the Senate. Did you know judges make 169,000 a year? So explain to me why myself and everyone I know who does not make $70 an hour or a $169,000 a year should be paying for these people. We understand that GM management ran the company into the ground, we understand that asking someone to take a $30 an hour pay cut is extreme. We understand being a district judge is a prestigious job and deserves a high pay. Please do not tell me I have to understand if you are face with losing your job getting paid less to keep working is unacceptable. Please do not tell in these economic times you need a raise of 2.8% when you already make $169,000 with free healthcare, because we are just going to scream. The bailout will pass soon enough; the Judges will get their raise there is nothing that can be done about it. We will just watch this number of the National Debt climb and climb. So judges enjoy your raise as the price gets passed on to my kids, kids. Your welcome for the bailout keep making cars nobody wants at high prices while screw in a bolt for $70 an hour. We are not sure who is getting screwed the bolt or the Americans, who are we kidding of course we know.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 40 days

National Debt 12/10/1998 5,598,802,622,188.50
National Debt 12/10/2008 10,648,440,877,251.63 

I’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You don’t know who in the hell
Or not to believe
W. Axl Rose Sorry(2008)

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Under current of the Paid Obama seat

We are afraid of what is about to happen. We warned against going down this road. We fear that this is the opening to a four-year project witch-hunt. There is chance that Obama is involved, slight at best with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich they are the same age, from the same state, and both Democrats. The idea for the conspiracy that will include Obama is that right now, he is the King of Chicago and nothing get done without kissing his ring. It just seems like a stretch, but when the story broke yesterday, we had a feeling it would trickle back to the president elect. So we are now facing another problem, the same one republicans faced in 92, they knew Clinton had a track record of a bad behavioral patterns toward women, they also had a few accusations, so they ran with them, eventually in 1998 Monica Lewinsky appeared. This had nothing to do with David Star, the Rose law firm, or even Vince Foster, but they we all happened because of the original accusations on his way into the office. So 16 years later and we have the feeling this could be the start of the same all over again. These are the kind of things we had hoped would not happen to fuel this fire, we are not happy with the Obama victory, but we do hope that we can all move together and get something done in 2009. We are hopeful Blagojevich greedy cash grab is not the start, which would be the end of a chance to reach across aisles, which can move the country forward.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 41 days

National Debt 12/8/1998 5,598,889,813,668.11
National Debt 12/8/2008 10,653,930,363,287.91

All my salvation
and All my frustration
Caught in the lies
W. Axl Rose Riad N’ the Bedouins (2008)

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