Goodbye 2008

We cannot wait for this year to be over the only good thing was Guns N roses released Chinese Democracy, The Black Crowes resurfaced with new music, a rocker won American Idol, Terminator returned for another season. Politics wise it was horrible the White House continued a downward spiral, democrats won a Presidential Election, and bailout, bailout, bailout. The financial markets had a bad year, as did AIG, Lehman Brothers, and Stearns. Oil price went as high as $157 a barrel and then fell to around $40. Gas prices fell to the lowest prices in five years. We are saying goodbye to 2008 as the Dallas Cowboys lost a playoff game to start the year and finished out of the playoff to end it. The Celtics won their 17 world championship and the Red Sox were a game away from another world series. Overall it was another year in the books and as always we have high hopes for 2009 we hope this bring new things to our readers and the best of health, happiness and luck for the New Year to all.

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