Amazon season for Amazon

We did 80% of our shopping this year online. There were only a handful of visits to the brick and mortar stores. We only shopped at three online vendors and 90% of that shopping was done at Amazon so today we find that we were not alone. called this holiday season the best ever reporting even a one day 17 percent increase in orders on its busiest day. Amazon customers ordered more than 6.3 million items on December 15. Then they claimed they shipped more than 5.6 million products on their busiest shipping day. Amazon biggest selling items included the Nintendo Wii, Samsung’s 52-inch LCD HDTV and Apple iTouch. We used them because of the price , selection, and being a prime shipping member they have two day shipping price that was short money. We can say every item was received on time, every order correct and all delivered by the 23rd day as the last order placed was on the December 20. It is funny because it was the first time we did all the shopping online and then to find out we are not ahead of the curve but riding the wave. This was by far the easiest shopping season we ever had and there was very little traffic, waiting in lines, and not getting the present we wanted. When we did go shopping on Christmas Eve it was almost fun because it was really the first time we had been shopping like cattle the whole season. New tradition is part of Christmas and online is the way to go.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 21 days

National Debt 12/29/1998 5,597,063,843,020.57
National Debt 12/29/2008 10,554,113,905,232.03 

2 days the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

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