Big Changes Ahead for the Tea512

We have some changes coming to Tea512. We will be launched three new sights for the beginning of the year. These are about bill paying, rip offs, and how to fix things. We also be adding categories to the Tea512 site and losing some of the links that produce nothing along the side bar. We hope to have all four sites completed and updated for the New Year. We will highlight on another as some of the needs of these sites will coexist. We thank you for your continued support and hope you find these other sites helpful. We are trying to split up some of the posting to more generalize what goes with what. Tea512 will always be the mother ship and a launching point for the other sites. We will keep you updated to the progress and hope to make all sites more interactive in 2009. We would like to start adding a question of the day, discount offers, and free giveaways, all of which has been on a drawing board over the last six months. The implementation will start shortly so stay tuned for the changes. 2009 in this space you will find a women of the week every Monday, American Idol weekly rant, and the other things we have been doing since we started. Get ready for New Year as 2009 as we hope it is going to busy, fun and productive for all.

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