IP2Proxy Anonymous Proxy List

There is new launch of a product called IP2Proxy IP-COUNTRY Anonymous Proxy List. IP2Proxy is a Web solution used to simplify anonymous proxy server detection as a query of IP address from a local database. You can use this product to find where a IP address that is visting your site, to tell you the location they are coming from. The company that has created this is an Internet R&D company, they provide software solutions, and services that help businesses to better understand their customers. There are the leading providers of IP address geolocation service; they have thousands of customers from different locations all over the world. The IP2Proxy uses a gigantic number of servers and posts scanning of all IP address ranges in parallel to detect servers. Then it can generate a proxy list every 24-hours which can keep you on top of all incoming traffic.
They have source code in every script language including perl, php, ruby and Java. They have been featured in eWeek magazine and the website is full of useful information about the product and the company. If you are new to Proxy servers, they are a wonderful advancement in technology. They were originally designed for use by companies to speed up web browsing for their employees. Today they have evolved into something a more useful for any computer user. A proxy server is simply another computer that accepts connections from the outside world and allows information to pass through it to you faster.

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