Christmas Eve 2008

Well there is nothing that can be done. You have shopped until the last minute. There are no more places to go. The selection on the last day is poor, the stores are crowded and the traffic is obnoxious. The best part is the end when nothing else can be done. You always think you could have done more, you always wish there things you picked up when you saw them, and you promise you will start earlier next year. The best news is it is over, there nothing more that can be done except to sit back and enjoy the day. There is a peaceful calm to the world on Christmas morning. We are not sure if it that running around and endless things to do are over or if there is something to the peace and goodwill toward man. Whatever the reason we hope all have a happy and healthy Christmas Eve and day. We hope Santa fills your stocking with loot, we hope for all the readers a joyous and festive Christmas.

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