Judges Pick and Choose

A judge declined to order Arkansas officials to expose which state computers were used to edit Wikipedia. These computers were used to change facts about Governors Mike Beebe and Mike Huckabee. Circuit Judge Marion Humphrey declined for reasons of security. The order was to disclosure of the physical locations of the five computers used to edit the profiles. Huckabee entry was changed to delete a controversial pardon and his use of a state-owned airplane. It is clear that when a Judge wants to hammer someone for misuse of a computer they side with major corporations. It is also clear that they will take the side of the state every time. When Sarah Palin email was hacked the FBI was involved, when you threaten a teenage friend of your daughter the police are involved. Each of these times the Judge used the Internet against the defendant. In this case the Judge is shielding the states computers from the same standards the rest of us are held to. The Judge was appointed but was it by Beebe or Huckabee but either way it seems he is in the hip pocket of the state on this one.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 29 days

National Debt 12/18/1998 5,583,950,306,972.53
National Debt 12/18/2008 10,598,468,155,070.37

The hardest part, this troubled heart has ever yet been through now,
Was heal the scars that got their start inside someone like you now,
W. Axl Rose Better(2008)

9 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

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