RIAA Stops Lawsuits

The RIAA has abandoned the policy of suing people for sharing songs on the Internet. They have not stopped but changed tactics as they will now use Internet service providers through warnings, if they do not comply they will be shut off. There is not report if the change is because the choice to sue almost 35,000 people since 2003 was effective. Those lawsuits usually were settled, most paying around $3,500. You would have to say using basic math there is no way the legal cost was even close to the settlement money the won. In typical tricky and sneaky fashion they would not say the Internet service providers they are working with. We are not sure what the number of illegal downloads is but legitimate sales of digital music tracks are up 28 percent from last year. Since they will not admit the program is flawed the yare keeping existing cases already filed moving forward. We feel based the abandonment of the program the courts may not be judging in their favor but jury is out so to speak. This has now become a two prong story to watch. The first will be what happened in existing lawsuits, and the other what services are sending out these warnings. It will not be long before we know which ISP are helping the RIAA and which are not. Can you imagine if you have RCN and Comcast in your town? You find out through a warning Comcast is watching what you do and reporting to the RIAA and whoever else, how fast people will then switch to RCN if they are not reporting the same information.

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