Tax MP3 Downloads

This week New York Governer David A. Paterson has flirted with the idea of taxing the download of songs. Just when people were getting comfortable with the idea of paying for music the government is looking for a cut. It was not long ago Napster made music free, and then the RIAA stepped in and enforced the copyright laws to shut down this stream. There is still plenty of music stealing going on around the web as most new releases can be downloaded illegally pretty much the day they come out. There are even a bunch of freeware tools to play music from a group’s website and as you listen online you can record the output to an mp3. The New York proposal is to add a four percent sales tax on online downloads of music, ring tones, games, movies and other media from online retailers. They also added pay-per-view movies sold by cable television providers to the list. The law if passed would go into effect in June changing iTunes songs from .99 to 1.04. They are not the first state to do this but it is based on location of receipt. So if the Apple server was in New Hampshire a tax free state and you down load a song to the café on Seventh avenue you pay the tax. The blur is if you are not in New York but your registered Apple account knows you are a resident you will pay the tax. What happens if I am downloading the song in New Hampshire based on when they tax me in New York they should not tax me in NH. We just feel the more they try to tax the internet the more they are forcing some to revert back to illegal downloading.

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