Ecost – Horrible Website

Well today we want to vent on a website that has ruined Christmas. They make offers they do not back up and this time of the year it is disgusting. They have what they call bargain clearance items. You put the item in a cart and check out. We found two iPod 1st generation that would make great gifts for the little ones as they were only $40.00 a pop. We placed the order and was pretty happy to be shopping online. Two days go by and we log into the site to check the progress of the shipement. The order was placed on backorder, without notification. So we needed to call them for a status update, they confessed they would not be shipped for 4 or 5 weeks. So how does a company take orders for products that are not on the shelf? How do they not notify the customer the order is backordered? How can they say they are going to get these old iPods that Apple does not make these units anymore? We could not have been more irate and was really let down by the site. They claim the orders are coming so fast they cannot distinguish between in stock and out of stock items. This of course does not stop them from charging the credit card and placing an order into backorder status without a notification. This is not handled the same way at Amazon as the running inventory system is top notch. We also found the smaller site eToys to be well run and function correctly by telling out of stock items added to cart during shopping. The eCost experience was horrible and not a recommended site from the group at Tea512.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 32 days 

National Debt 12/17/1998 5,588,014,790,426.31
National Debt 12/17/2008 10,655,552,067,433.77

What would you say If I told you that I’m to blame?
And what would you do If I had to deny your name?
W. Axl Rose Prostitute (2008) Used 12/17/08

12 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

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