Tom Cruise would change nothing

Since power has been restored, we probably stay up way to late. We are watching TV shows that we would never usually watch, they are either background noise or as glee from the fact we can actually watch the TV. We wound up watching a show with someone interviewing Tom Cruise. This person Tom Cruise is a great actor, a definite on screen presence, to bad as a human being he is an idiot. The first part of the interview was about him and the guy from the Today show Matt Lauer kiss and make up session, the next part was about the new movie Vakyrie. The last part was the interviewer asked him if there were one feature about him, he would change. Will stop right there look yourself up and down anything you want to change? Then let us imagine we were a huge movie box office star with vast amounts of money, so you had the ability to change something would you? These are great questions that can only be answered truthfully by each individual and if you became a huge movie star. We looked our self up and down deciding to change at least three things without thinking more than a second. Start with losing 20 pounds, making another part bigger, and a nose job. This does not get into teeth, hair, or vision. Now you check yourself out anything. Well if you were Tom Cruise a multimillion-dollar box office star, you would answer the question, nothing. He maybe great looking, he maybe at perfect, but his personality is off the grid. How about changing the way people think off you as nut based on scientology. What do I know it seemed like a lay-up question and his answer made me think he is an arrogant self-induced freak show as a human being.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 34 daysNational Debt 12/15/1998 5,580,235,192,012.15
National Debt 12/15/2008 10,655,601,512,061.19

What would you say if I told you that I’m to blame?
And what would you do if I had to deny your name?
Where would you go if I told you I loved you,
and then walked away?
W. Axl Rose This is Love (2008)

14 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

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