$70.00 an hour WTF

So the bailout for US automakers goes south today. We find out that there is counter offer on the table that asks the AWU to decrease there members salary from $70 an hour to the $40 an hour, because that what the workers in the US who make BMW and Toyota’s are getting paid. Did you know these folks were making $70 an hour? Did you know that there was a increase added for District Judges to get a 2.8% raise in pay from the $169,000 a year they make now. This was added to the House bill which died in the Senate. Did you know judges make 169,000 a year? So explain to me why myself and everyone I know who does not make $70 an hour or a $169,000 a year should be paying for these people. We understand that GM management ran the company into the ground, we understand that asking someone to take a $30 an hour pay cut is extreme. We understand being a district judge is a prestigious job and deserves a high pay. Please do not tell me I have to understand if you are face with losing your job getting paid less to keep working is unacceptable. Please do not tell in these economic times you need a raise of 2.8% when you already make $169,000 with free healthcare, because we are just going to scream. The bailout will pass soon enough; the Judges will get their raise there is nothing that can be done about it. We will just watch this number of the National Debt climb and climb. So judges enjoy your raise as the price gets passed on to my kids, kids. Your welcome for the bailout keep making cars nobody wants at high prices while screw in a bolt for $70 an hour. We are not sure who is getting screwed the bolt or the Americans, who are we kidding of course we know.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 40 days

National Debt 12/10/1998 5,598,802,622,188.50
National Debt 12/10/2008 10,648,440,877,251.63 

I’m sorry for you
Not sorry for me
You don’t know who in the hell
Or not to believe
W. Axl Rose Sorry(2008)

20 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

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