Obama’s inauguration price tag vs opulence

So here we are in the middle – end or beginning of a very unstable market. Unemployment numbers are on a rise not seen in over thirty years. So what will people expect during President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration. So will Obama let the champagne and caviar flow during the big day? The Obama camp will try to sell it as not just as a celebration of the election, but as a time for people to come together and celebrate their common values and shared aspirations and goals. There has not been many details released as of yet. We were wondering if they would be using the Greek temple props from the DNC speech. This is not a democrat / republican thing either; President George W. Bush had a $42 million second inauguration. This did not include the millions spent by the government on security. The question is in this time do we want a rock star for President or a man of the people? Maybe a hybrid of both but this is a question that will come right out of the gate it always does. If Obama spends north of 76 million on the inauguration he will face some heat on week one as the number comes out. Even the great Republican President Ronald Reagan set the standard in the 1981 inauguration, First lady Nancy Reagan wore a $10,000 gown to the three-hour gala that had a performance by Frank Sinatra.

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