Action AllStars Sports-themed Virtual World

We are always looking for a safe, free, and fun, website for the kids. We came across a site called Action AllStars Sports-themed Virtual World which happens to fit the build of all three requirements. You can sign up for a free account and create your own avatar. One of the best things about the site is they have major license partnership from the MLB and the NBA. The setup was easy and you have control over chat options as well as the need for a parent email address. The activation email was sent instantly which is always a plus. The virtual world is a cool place as you can move all around and even visit the stores in the city. We enjoyed basket ball as the screen shot below shows the tea512 Celtics putting a smack down on the Suns. The game play is easy as you use the keyboard and it was easy to explain the kids as they played things like baseball, tag, racing, hoops, and just walking around the city. Everyone in the family created an avatar and found something they liked playing. The ages were five, six and fourteen. This was really fun and entertaining a lot of these avatar website for kids we find to be to busy which can get confusing for younger users. This site was very straight forward and the keyword fun. You never know how these things will go today hot flavor is only a memory tomorrow. This is a good one though as there was no plug-ins to load it ran an older slow laptop and high performance PC about the same. If you got kids who want to use a computer this is a cool place to let them go as it is fun for them and easy to navigate, but best of very little strain on the parent for setup and playing time.

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