Why is it called Tea512? 1/2 answer

Today is December 5, regular readers now that this spot came alive on December 5 and has been reversed for the moniker Tea512. There are many important things about December 5, in 1933, National Prohibition ended, which is the most important. There are other things which include London auctioneers Christie’s hold their 1st sale(1766), Phi Beta Kappa was organized (1776), Both Washington, Jefferson, Jackson re-elected (1792,1804,1832), Gold Rush of 1848 confirming that gold had been discovered in California, First electric car (1893), First US nudist organization (1929), Merger between AFO-CIO (1955), Newt Gingrich named speaker of the House (1994). People that were born on this day include Walt Disney, Pope Julius II, Little Richard, Morgan J. Freeman, Jim Plunkett, and Calvin Trillin. Therefore, if you ever wondered where the name tea12 came from a hint is that is based on this day, written as the English would write a date. That is the only clue, as we will enlighten you at another time on why the rest of the name is what it is. Enjoy your December 5 as we at the office will and thanks to 12/5/1933, the drinking light is now on. Cheers.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 46 days National Debt 12/3/1998 5,598,900,714,210.85
National Debt 12/3/2008 10,675,932,885,390.22

If the world would end today
All the dreams we had would all just drift away, oh
No, there’s nothing more to say
If the world would end and all loves drift away
W. Axl Rose If the World (2008) 

26 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

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