David Gregory – Say it aint so

Well no matter how hard we try, as well as others the inevitable is about to happen, NBC lead White House correspondent, David Gregory, is about to be named the permanent host of Meet the Press. The Former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw who has been the moderator since the death of long-time host Tim Russert in June last broadcast is this week with an interview of President-elect Barack Obama. David Gregory has worked at NBC for 13 years and would be a horrible choice as his does not have the skill of an interviewer to ask the tough questions in a non-condescending way. This will be his biggest obstacle and keep potential guests from coming on the show. This is really a shame as we had mentioned before the host of names that would be a better fit. They included in no particular order Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Gwen Ifill, and even Ted Koppel. The decision needs to be made and it was obvious the choice of Brokaw was because no candidate seemed strong enough. The catastrophic prediction for NBC will be the show will plummet and the sponsors will run to ABC or CBS. The once staple of where politicians came to get the true story out will fade into the sunset as it can only be a shell of it’s former self.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 47 days

National Debt 12/2/1998   5,607,927,299,073.65
National Debt 12/2/2008 10,685,166,611,275.20

What I thought was true before
Were lies I couldn’t see
What I thought was beautiful is only memories
W. Axl Rose Street of Dreams (2008)

27 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

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