Between a Rock and an Obama Place

Defense Secretary Robert Gates could not wait for 1/20/09 to ride off into the sunset, back to Washington state. Those plans were put on hold from Jump Street as the Barack Obama team stated he would be helpful for the transition. Talk about being the only one in a group, he is the lone Republican in the cabinet. So we find out his Obama agenda is slightly different then his Bush agenda. He seems to be open to accelerating the withdrawal from Iraq and closing Guantanamo Bay. So the 16 month timetable Obama was touting through the campaign might actual come true. He did say these would be based on security conditions and only pull forces out conscientiously. The latest security agreement with Iraq aims for troops to be out of the cities by next June 30 and out of the country by Jan. 1, 2012. He did say he wanted to make sure congress did not let any of the Guantanamo Bay detainees allowed into the US. There is nothing like getting a new boss that is the polar opposite of the old boss. The problem is the we hope the Republican Robert Gates will not have to bite his lips when he is at the table with Obama and Clinton. This is truly an odd position to be put in and we are sure on only a military person could handle based on love of the country as opposed to the view of the President they serve. Gates has served under eight different Presidents during his service for the country.

Countdown to Inauguration Day 2009: 48 days

National Debt 12/1/1998 5,608,159,580,455.89
National Debt 12/1/2008 10,681,135,920,463.07

So bittersweet, this tragedy won’t ask for absolution,
This melody inside of me, still searches for solution,
W. Axl Rose Better (2008)

28 days Until the tea512 51 smokin sasses of 2008

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